Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthorder Doesn't Matter to God

Are you the youngest child in your family? I'm the oldest, however, I am the mother to Rebekah who was our little miracle and surprise blessing from God. She is the youngest and as she gets older I am sure she will hate being younger than her two older sisters.

I know my own sister, sometimes hated that she was younger than my brother and I so she wasn't allowed to do the things we were allowed to do. I'm sure it wasn't easy for her when Matt joined the teens and she was left behind because she wasn't in middle school yet. But the neat thing about God is he doesn't care if your the oldest or the youngest.

This week I'm reading the Book of Judges, and I see a pattern emerging. And so far here are the people I have found in the Bible that are the youngest. Abel was the youngest and he was also the most mindful of God - His sacrifices were pleasing because he always made sure he gave God the best of his flock. Jacob wasn't so much great as he was sneaky at first, but he too was the youngest born in his family and he became the father to Joseph who would eventually help save his family from the famine that ravaged the land. God saved and then used Moses to bring his people out of Egypt and he was the youngest that we know of. Then there is Gideon, God used the youngest to destroy the altars to Baal and free Israel from the Midianites and all with just jars, torches, and a few thousand men who were greatly outnumbered. David went on to become the King of all Israel and throughout Biblical history we see a theme of God using those who are the youngest, so by Jewish custom less than the older sons/or daughters who are used even though women were not even second class citizens then; Deborah, Esther, Miriam.

Maybe it's because He felt sorry for them, but I doubt it. I think it is more about taking those who people would not consider great people because of they were the last born and He uses them to prove that the least can be the greatest. Jesus even talked to his disciples about this in the four gospels when they were bickering over who would be the greatest in Heaven. He explained that when you allow yourself to be the least (whether by birth order or by choice) then God can use you. I suspect is more about the fact that if you are willing to not always be the top dog or the best that you are more willing to listen to what God is trying to say to you. You also tend to be more willing to obey and go and do what God has asked of you.

Do you have children? If so is there a youngest child? Don't forget to remind them that God can use them, even when they are young. Have a good Labor Day weekend.

In Christ,

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