Tuesday, August 9, 2011


With all of the concern over the economy, especially with all parties arguing over who is to blame. Many Americans are concerned.

Last year (2010) was a year of a lot of ups and downs for our family. The high points were Chris' return February 13, 2010 from his deployment to Iraq and Kuwait. We got to go to Disney World and have our first ever vacation that did not involve staying with family to cut costs. It was very nice.

However, there were a lot of low points for our family as well. Chris returned home to no job waiting for him. Fortunately, we had advance knowledge of this and it meant I was able to pay up a lot of our bills, including house and utilities so it gave us a little breathing room. Also Chris was kept on orders until May so it bought us some time to pay bills, make sure we were in good financial standing. Also Chris has wisely purchased a house that only required 1/4 of his income at Cessna at the time, so our house payment was very manageable for many months. We paid our waste, water, and electricity and gas up for months in advance so that we had some breathing room. However, by November we had to apply for food stamps, free medical care for the girls and myself (I was not approved) and Chris was on VA medical care. So I was the only one of us who didn't have health insurance.

We also lost several loved ones and acquaintances that we loved greatly. By the end of the year, we were both struggling to remain positive. When you have three children and one of them has a specialist for her eyes, asthma and allergies, and other health concerns, it means you worry. You worry, A LOT when you have no health insurance. You find yourself struggling to keep the children and husband upbeat, even if you are struggling yourself.

2010 was a year of ups and down, but thankfully 2011 was a year of new beginnings and opportunities. And now we find ourselves making ends meet. It's still tough, but God is good and he provides as needed, even if he doesn't always provide extras. I know many of you are facing uncertainty and unemployment right now. I also know it is tough to believe that God is there and provides, but I assure you he does. I grew up being raised by faith. Many times faith paid our bills, put food on the table and met a need. Sometimes God provided by unknown sources, sometimes it was from friends and family or church family. But He provided.

I hope you all have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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