Monday, August 1, 2011

Decision and Prayers

School is beginning again. Sooner for some and a little later for others. For Elizabeth school starts shortly after Labor Day and it's that time of year again. The time where I wonder how much longer she can emotionally stay in public school? How much more time can we give her to get the help she needs from the school system until we begin to contemplate home schooling for her.

This has been an ongoing prayer concern and struggle for us. A part of her thin skin is her age, Sarah went through this phase too, until she got into 7th grade. Something happened for Sarah then - she just got a lot tougher and what others thought about her didn't worry her as much anymore. We are currently looking at public school for now, it's important for her, but she's getting to the age when children become even more cruel than they were when she first began school. In the beginning, all of the kids were friends with each other, but as they grow older, bullies begin to emerge, the odd duck child gets singled out.

On one side of our thoughts, is that Lizzie needs the socialization to learn how to deal with other people and the real world. However, at what point do we keep that a goal if it's ripping her apart. Lizzie struggles with a need to be liked and it seems to be even more prevalent in her than others. Sarah struggles with this as well, even at 16 years old. Chris and I are working with both of them to help them navigate this tricky time of growth and maturing. But there is a point where you wonder, how much do you sacrifice for your child to grow and mature if it could possibly destroy them?

So we are looking at fourth grade and the realization that two years of public school before we face the daunting challenge of deciding what to do for Lizzie when it comes to middle school and high school. She doesn't do well with change, she doesn't do well when stressed, all of these are a part of life, but at what cost do you stick to your guns and keep your child either at home or in public education.

So these are my thoughts, these are my prayer concerns, these are the circles that run in my head constantly when I look at the choices for Elizabeth.

I hope you all have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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