Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adventures in Schooling at Home

I know it seems like, if you do school at home then it is automatically home school. However, according to the school I have chosen, this is actually considered schooling at home. It has a teacher who monitors and helps the student, Elizabeth has a special education counselor who I will be working with to make sure she is being taken care of in school. I am merely the education leader. I don't grade the papers, I record and admit her attendance each day and turn in her homework to her teacher daily, but otherwise, I am not her actual teacher.

Today we tackled Spelling again and this time with minimal tears. We also started working again on John 3:16 - AGAIN! We've been struggling for several weeks to memorize this verse. Beka keeps wanting to remind me that she knows Ephesians 6: 1 & 2 and Proberbs (not Proverbs according to Beka) 3:5. I wonder? Does that technically count as changing God's Holy Word when it's a 4 year old saying a book of the Bible wrong? Hmmm. . . . Math is more about her playing with my smart phone and working on becoming more at home with her math facts for addition. I want her to be able to know her Math facts without using her fingers. This is key to helping her learn how to do Math and to continue to succeed in school. You need Math for many things, cooking, figuring out clearance prices, cooking (especially if you have to double or quadruple a recipe), the list is endless of the ways you need Math. But you also need it to do well in Science. It's very difficult to do Science experiments if you are not good in Math or at least comfortable.

I was able to fax in some of the papers needed for school, I will have to go tomorrow and get the Superintendent of Everett schools to sign off on us switching to Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA for short). I have our doctor's appointment set up for next week about shots, to ensure they are up to date because even virtual school requires you be up to date on your immunizations and I am fine with that. I feel it's important to protect your children from measles, mumps, etc. . . and we do the flu shot each year since Lizzie has asthma that flares up and she is so easily susceptible to any flu that affects the respiratory system.

This is where we are and tonight after teens we'll work on reading. The new book is Beverly Cleary's Ralph the Mouse. And we did arts and crafts. I had hoped to grab a few pictures of the girls in their fruit loop necklaces, but they started eating their art before I could get the pictures taken. I guess it's the hazard of making such fun and delicious art. I think Beka ate more fruit loops than she threaded onto her yarn anyway. The bowl was practically empty.

I hope you all have a good week and a great Wednesday. We'll be moving teen night to Friday nights next week, so my Wednesdays will be a little less insane. :D

Love in Christ,

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