Thursday, July 28, 2011

What it Means to Love a Military Person

There is currently a petition going around to help keep benefits for the spouses of veterans.

Being the spouse of a military person isn't easy. It means living with uncertainty, facing the possibilities of raising your children alone and many things most people don't care to think about.

I love Chris, I'm proud to be a Reservist's wife and I wouldn't change him or what he feels called to do ever. But there are some things that come with being a spouse of a military person.

Being a military spouse means a lot of things and if benefits are cut it sends a message to our service men and women and their spouses that what they give to our country doesn't really matter. It says, "thanks we don't really care that you fix the house repairs on your own, that you deal with all of the garbage your spouse usually deals with when they are home, and if your spouse doesn't come home alive - guess what we don't care.

I could give you a long list of things that spouses face when their service member is gone, but would it make a difference. You either care or you don't. You either think military spouses should be allowed to keep their benefits once their spouse becomes a veteran or you don't. And sadly some of you won't sign. That's fine, don't sign but if you agree that spouses of veteran should not lose their benefits, please go and help sign the petition to help fight for them. After all they give so much for you, isn't signing a petition the least you can do for them?

Love in Christ,

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