Monday, July 18, 2011


July 17, 2000 was an normal Sunday like any other Sunday, but I was so nervous. After, Mom, Aunt Nina & Uncle Ed spending time talking and talking to me about this guy named Chris Koeppel I was heading there to meet him at church.
In April 2000 my Aunt Nina had e-mailed me and told me about this lovely young man who was in her singles Sunday School class. I politely declined. I was NOT interested in being set up. Experience had told me that blind dates end badly and sometimes end in cab rides home soaking wet. So naturally, Uncle Ed had to have a shot at talking me into meeting Chris. He promised they'd never set me up with a loser or a weirdo. I laughed, my mom loves me but she had a terrible track record with the guys she had attempted to get me to date. I really wasn't interested, but I figured if it meant getting them to leave me alone, I'd just agree to meet him and then make sure it never happened.

No such luck. Chris wrote me a letter and so Aunt Nina called and told Mom that he'd written to me. This was mid-July so my Mom told me that if he could go through the trouble of writing me a letter then the least I could do was go up there and meet him. You really can't argue with your mom. You can but it isn't a good idea and it's usually like fighting the Borg from Star Trek - "Resistance is futile." So we packed up my little Pontiac LeMans and we drove to Wichita, KS to meet this man who everyone was so certain I would like.

I made it to church and we met, and then I kind of freaked out a bit, so I basically ignored him throughout the entire service. This was done for two reasons; first, I don't think when we are told in the Bible that we should gather together and fellowship with one another that the apostles had the idea of hooking up with someone. Second, I was nervous, what do you say to some strange man you've only heard about from family IN CHURCH?! It's a valid question and if you have an answer I'd love to hear it.

So I ignored him, and I as he was leaving I decided to find him and ask him to join us for supper. I caught him heading to his truck, but when he put his Bible in the truck and headed back to the church I kind of panicked a little so I went back to my Aunt and Uncle and about the time I was about to ask him to join us, Mom beat me to the punch. So that helped a little bit. After that, we got to know each other and we hit it off. He was funny and smart and adorable and I really had a good time. Six months and two days later we married in our living room with the judge and with our friends, Joe & Helen Lane there as our witnesses.

Ironically in some cases, knowing someone for such a short period of time can backfire, but for Chris and I it meant we didn't have enough time to second guess ourselves and rethink if we wanted to marry. And since we are both solid decision people, once we'd taken those vows, there was no going back for either of us.

I hope you all have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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