Friday, July 8, 2011

31 Days of Freedom

Last year the Home Foundation decided to do 31 Days of Freedom in which, those who chose to could pick something to fast. Some people chose soda, some television, some caffeine, and other assorted things we all love. The point of this fast was give it up and use our cravings for those things to prompt us to pray and ask God to help end Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking is still a huge issue world wide, not just in the U.S. Millions of women and children disappear every day and disappear into the human trafficking trade. Some of them are used for manual labor for low wages and in harsh working conditions. Others though, the incredibly unlucky ones find themselves sold into sexual slavery. This is not only confined to girls, even small boys find themselves sold to pedophiles and sexual deviants who use and abuse them and then throw them away when they are done.

Since this year the Home Foundation was not doing 31 Days of Freedom, I decided to do it myself. So I started a page on Facebook and so far we are just under 50 people who have joined us to fast and pray that God works a mighty work and helps end Human Trafficking.

I actually started my 31 Days of Freedom on July 5th because I thought it might be unfair to my mother-in-law to start my fast and be craving diet soda big time. So today in July 8th and I am on day four and I've made an interesting discovery. I found Mio - you add it to your water and it flavors the water so it has a nice taste to it. You can choose different flavors; peach tea, sweet tea, raspberry lemonade. . . you get the idea. It has made the no soda thing much easier, which raises an interesting point. Is it the carbonation I was craving, or was it the taste of the diet cherry in the Diet Pepsi? And is it cheating to use the Mio? So I thought today I wouldn't use the Mio at all and we'll see. In some ways it almost seems like cheating, because isn't the point of the fast supposed to be that you crave it and it prompts you to pray? These are all interesting questions and I'll definitely be thinking about them more as I get closer to August 5th when I will end my fast. And yet, I'm also wondering if I should even go back to soda. How can it be good for you? Something that you crave that much - can it really be good for you?

I hope you all have a good weekend and God Bless.
Love in Christ,

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