Monday, June 20, 2011


It started as a quiet and uneventful day. The biggest excitement that occurred was we watched some Law & Order:SVU. And yet, nothing tipped us off that today would be the day of SCREAMFEST 2011!!!!!

Lizzie came home happy as a lark - which is good considering her meltdown on Friday. Okay so the burritos had to become tacos, because Mom forgot to purchase refried beans - this isn't unusual in my house, it's par for the course. And after keeping Beka inside while we waited for Lizzie to come home it seemed like a good plan to feed the kids and then take them to the park.

We walked the three blocks it takes to get there in good time. Lizzie found a group of boys she knew from school who actually know how to play nicely and so she took to playing soccer with them while Beka explored and I played with her. We went to swing on the swings, and she requested her favorite song "Honey, Honey" from Mama Mia (and no I did not let my children watch a movie about a woman who has three men who could possibly be her father and where Meryl Streep chronically takes God's name in vain. I do however, have the soundtrack and the girls listen to a few select songs.) After sliding, twirling, climbing and enjoying herself in general, Beka discovered that she can play on the Monkey Bars and is actually good at it. So we let her go to town and play. I tried to talk her into playing on something else. I thought about the fact that her poor little uncalloused hands, may or may not take too kindly to the abuse she was heaping on them. I did not however, anticipate the sudden blood curdling screams that met my ears when she suddenly realized, Hey my hands really, really hurt!

I tried to sooth, but she would have none of that. And so Sarah and I took turns carrying home a screaming and writhing Beka. People stared at us, they asked questions with their eyes and thankfully they didn't call the police. SCREAMFEST 2011 stinks! I can live without attending it again for a while. Carrying a child who alternates between heaving sobs and shrill screams of agony is not my idea of fun as a rule of thumb and yet I found myself in attendance come rain or shine.

Don't worry, Beka is currently in the bathtub with coolish water soothing her hands. Her sobbing requests for a band aid are temporarily quieted (although I am sure she'll resume her barrage of requests for band aids once it reenters her head) and all seems quiet once again.

We'll see what happens. Afterall, SCREAMFEST 2011 can always rear it's ugly head at the most inopportune times.

Have a good evening and enjoy the laugh.

Love in Christ,


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