Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day is this Sunday and I have to be honest, I'm really having a tough time this year with it. It isn't that I don't love celebrating it with Chris - in fact, I love trying to make this an extra special day for him. But I am struggling to see lots of posts on Twitter and Facebook about my friends wishing their father's well and saying sweet things about them. Somehow, this year it just makes it a tougher. It makes me want to skip church and stay in bed (don't worry I won't give in).

As a young girl growing up, I HATED Father's Day. Especially in our church growing up. Not only did people not recognize my mom on Mother's Day as an amazing woman for raising the three of us kids alone, but then on Father's Day we got a sucker punch to the stomach as people oohed and aaahhed and gushed about their dads. I am not saying that people shouldn't celebrate their dad's after all they were usually very thoughtful about the fact that Dad was gone most of the year and this as the one day for them to make their dad's feel extra special. That is important for parents - to know that your kids don't take you for granted and they love you. I just wish it didn't feel like having my heart (or my mom's heart) ripped out when it came time for that holiday. So Mom and I finally got to the point where we just skipped church or made it a point to be travelling on Father's Day. It helped a lot as time went on, we were able to move forward easier instead of feeling like the scabs were being ripped off each year so the healing had to take place all over again.

Then I met and married Chris and we had Elizabeth and he had Sarah already. I had a renewed reason to enjoy Father's Day. Our first year together being married, I got him a card from Elizabeth who was still unborn at the time and I put it in his Army bag. He had annual training and I slipped it all the way into the bottom of the bag - thank goodness my tummy hadn't started popping out yet or I might not have been able to do that. He came home and told me how much he enjoyed his card from Elizabeth and Sarah. As time went on, I did what I could to make sure I made it a special day for him and I still do. The girls and I have great fun going out and finding him something awesome to wear or display later and they love finding him a card to give to him. And even better now is that we have Sarah living with us, so she makes it a point to get him an awesome card every year that makes him laugh. Father's Day doesn't stink anymore, it still smarts and aches a bit from time to time, but it isn't an unbearable pain and I don't feel the need to sit in church and bawl.

How do you show your dad what he means to you? Do you make it an extra special day for him? Do you buy gifts or do you make them?

Have a good week and God Bless.
Love in Christ,

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