Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bedtime and Rituals

Yes, that would be Beka - asleep at the dinner table after refusing to eat her peas or meat. This has become a common battle with her - Lizzie went through the same problem too. She only wanted to eat her favorite foods. Sorry Sweetpea, but Mommy's food budget doesn't leave room for picky eating. However, Chris started a new trend when we moved into our apartment.

Chris started letting Beka crawl into bed with him so she could go to sleep and of course, I'd have to carry her to bed before I could go to sleep. Not ideal, but it worked - for him. . . I brought it to his attention that in a short time he would be on second shift and that meant a disruption in her routine again. I have to give him props. As soon as he thought it out, he realized he had to start getting her into her own bed to go to sleep. It's a good theory, but I foresee a few issues arising in the future.

We have a bedtime routine, but with the upheaval of the move, it seems that the girls are constantly wound for sound. So we're going to have to weather the storm. We have a bedtime routine, baths, jammies, teeth, a few snuggles, then bedtime - or and of course, story time. It's very important to have story time. Do you have a bedtime routine? Did you have trouble getting your kids to go to sleep or were they good sleepers? I think everyone struggles in one area or the other - whether it's picky eating, bedtime procrastinators (come on, even the best children like to procrastinate at bedtime a little), or it might be battle of the wills about what they wear. We all have obstacles to overcome, and we can do it. It's about consistency, patience and occasionally some good old fashioned discipline (grounding works for our kids better than a spanking any day of the week. . . it's more prolonged and isn't over quite so quickly).

I hope you all have a good weekend. I will be offline for the weekend to spend time with our church teens and the two older girls while Chris is with Beka in Idaho for a wedding.

Love in Christ,

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