Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Helping Those In Need

In February 1996, my brother, grandmother and sister were in a terrible accident. In fact, our grandmother died as a result of the accident. We spent months living at the hospital. Mom would sleep in the waiting room on couches when possible while Matt remained in the ICU fighting for his life because he had sustained a brain injury and was in a drug induced coma. From the end of February until May that he finally returned home in May, it was a back and forth driving, roller coaster of emotion ride. The hardest part in all of this aside, from the emotional turmoil and waiting in the Lord? Mom and I were unable to work - I was finally able to go back for to a part time status until I found something more permanent, but still it was tough. The thing that really helped us the most was though when our church family helped us out. They pooled together money as did our former church where Grandma Taylor had still attended. They brought us money, gave us snack food poundings and all of those things helped us a great deal. It made it easier for Mom and myself to know that we were able to do what needed to be done, including sitting at the hospital and Mom fighting to make sure that Matt was given the care he needed - especially since he didn't have health insurance. . .

I am not sure how we would have made it during that time if not for our family at Canadian Hills and Yukon First Church of the Nazarene (where Grandma Taylor had attended for a long time and we'd attended until we moved in 1989). I am telling you this because today there are two beautiful twin girls, Leila and Laila who are in need of liver transplants. While their insurance covers the cost of the transplants, it doesn't cover the cost of gas too and from Kansas City, the hotel they may have to stay in if the Ronald McDonald house is full and it doesn't cover the cost of food which is very expensive. I am asking you as brother and sisters in Christ to please reach out to this family and show that the Body of Christ does in fact care. These are parents who had previously not attended church and yet after making friends with my friend, Beth, they began attended Westside Church of the Nazarene. I am asking and begging you to please keep them in your hearts and to help this family with the money they need to help them keep their home. They are looking at a 6 week minimum stay in Kansas City and that means their dad will be unable to work for quite a while.

You can help them by visiting their page : http://cota.donorpages.com/PatientOnlineDonation/COTAforLeilaandLaila

The goal is to raise $40,000 but I think it would be wonderful if we could see people in churches in the Kansas City area would open their homes and hearts to these beautiful little girls and their parents. This is an amazing opportunity to show them what God meant when he talked about helping the orphans, widows and sick. Remember when the Disciples of Christ first began their churches they often went out and helped those in need. They shared the blessing God had given them. And while not all of you who read this are in the position to help Leila and Laila, there are countless numbers of us who can do something. . . the question is, what are you willing to do to help this family see Jesus in us?

I hope you all have a good week.
Love in Christ,
Maureen Koeppel

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BWeaver said...

Thank you Maureen! Shelly actually started coming with Buzz then started sitting with me when I introduced myself and we realized we had talked about the girls their liver disease and Denim and his liver disease over the phone several months before I had sen them at church. Anyways the fact is they need help! And I love that you are doing your part to try to get others involved... even if people cant help financially if they coud pass on info about the girls and remember this family in prayer it would make our efforts go much more smoothly! Love you! Beth