Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cleaning House

Anytime you move it involves a good deal of clean up. Anyone who has ever moved can tell you that one. Moving out of a home and into another usually means at some point you are going to have to find your vacuum and make cleaning happen.
We've been in our home for a little over a week now and we already know we need to work on cleaning. So today since I woke up with more than my usual amount of energy I started tidying up and working on laundry. The house is looking good and it would look perfect except I have an obstacle. It's a small one, it's a very cute one and she looks terribly pathetic when she is frightened or crying. . . my obstacle? Rebekah Beryl Koeppel. Anytime I go near the vacuum cleaner she begins screaming and crying because for some unknown reason it terrifies her. In the beginning I would send her upstairs with Sarah or Elizabeth while I worked, but living in a home that is one story, that makes it a wee bit difficult.
So my cleaning is almost done, and yet I have one thing standing in my way. Often when we are working on giving things in our life to Christ we find that there is some obstacle in our path. Sometimes it is as simple as learning to let go of some small thing. Other times it is a huge obstacle - like surrendering control over our life and control over the things that frighten us. We all have heard the verses about Jesus standing at the door and knocking - we've seen the photos and yet, sometimes letting go is much more difficult than allowing him to simply take control over every aspect of our lives.
What obstacles are standing in your way? Is it your own feelings of inadequacy? Do you think you need to earn his grace and mercy? Because we can never earn them - they are gifts he gives to us. Maybe it's letting go of past hurts or anger and resentment? Maybe it is an attitude of unforgiveness? Whatever it is, once you let it go you will wonder Why didn't I do this earlier?
Whatever you are struggling with, the Body of Christ is praying for you. . . we will lift you up - even if you don't ask.
Have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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