Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Blessing and Pains of Life

We've been in Washington about a month now. Moving always comes with wonderful opportunities, but also with it's heartache as well. Leaving family and friends behind is hard to do, even when you know it's for a good reason (volunteer missions work or moving to keep your family fed and clothed). But it's also tough when you have friends who make it all about them and they flake out on you. It's interesting how something as small as things not said, or even things said, can add to your stress.

I knew that at some point I'd probably cry because the stress would get to me, but I never expected it to be because I was going to sign Lizzie up for her new school! I walked to the van and as I got behind the wheel, I was a bit surprised to realize I was crying. Between flaking friends, the stress of having strangers pack and move us, as well as A LOT of time sleeping in hotels to get to Washington and living in a hotel I found myself suddenly overwhelmed with fear and the need to cry. Crying is a part of any move at some point, especially when you are making a huge change, I just thought it might be kind enough to come at a convenient time, like after the girls were in bed asleep, not whilst I attempted to drive. So as I am following the directions from the Garmin, I am trying to stop crying. . . what's a girl to do? Call her momma of course. It's amazing how something that small as talking to your mom can calm you down quickly. After telling her EVERYTHING that was going on she prayed with me and it helped a lot and I was able to walk calmly into Lizzie's new school. She's doing well and Mrs. Galloway is a good teacher and just as loving and experienced as Mrs. Silveous.

The good news is, we only had to sleep in a hotel for 2 weeks and now we are on our 2nd week in our apartment. Chris' first paycheck has come and we know that God will provide for us. The upside is that we are meeting new people and making new friends. God has led us to a church where we feel we can offer a lot to them and help with church growth. The people there are lovely and wonderful and we have found that most people here are kind and polite. Yes, we've met a few of them that aren't those things, but that is pretty much par for the course no matter where you move to. There will always be a few turkeys who mess things up for others - you just pray for them and pray that God works in their lives. The girls have really enjoyed getting to know the Washington area and seeing all of it's wondrous beauty that God has created. It is beautiful here, even with the rain - which thrilled Chris and Sarah both because they both have light colored eyes, so the overcast sky is perfect for them both. We may not like the traffic, but we are figuring out the best times to go out and when to stay in.

The bottom line is this - While not every place and not everyone is perfect, God's timing is perfect. When you feel that things are falling apart, that's when God's work is just beginning.
I do ask that you please pray with me for Washington - the God will begin to move through this area where we live and send a revival.

Love in Christ,

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