Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Have Arrived in Washington!

We are in Everett, Washington! We made it safely on the last leg of our trip with no car problems but a ton of beautiful scenery. We left Monday morning from a rainy Nampa, Idaho with lovely Springish weather and literally drove into Winter as you can tell by the photo below once we got up into the Oregon mountains. It was beautiful and the two younger girls enjoyed themselves a lot. We let Sarah stay to visit with Grandma Mary and she will join us a week from this Friday/Saturday. She's having a good time and she's been able to spend quality time with Uncle Andy and her cousin Jordan. I'm not sure what poor Gus (Grandma Mary's German shepherd), will do once she's gone. Sarah brushes him every night and plays with him till he can't stand.
Anyway, we arrived in the middle of rush hour traffic and quickly discovered the joys of having 2 or more people in the car meant you could drive in the car pool lane which didn't slow down quite as rapidly or often as the other lanes of traffic. Tuesday, we went and spent time getting to know a friend from Facebook, Patty Kraft and her younger children. They are coming over so the kids can get to know each other better this weekend and hang out and swim at the hotel swimming pool.
Wednesday, saw us meeting with Heather Boetler - she is a professional apartment/house hunter that was contracted by Boeing to help us find an apartment. She did an excellent job and while our new apartment is in actuality smaller than our former house (it was 998 sq ft and the apartment is 920 sq. ft.) it has closets. We figure even if we stay there for a year or so once we've gotten caught up on all of our other bills and the things we got behind on because Chris was unemployed and I couldn't find work either - then we can look at a bigger place. I am going to want a place with a washer and dryer hook up after one year of paying to do my laundry. However, even though the new apartment is a bit small, it is in a small apartment community - which is nice and the management is very nice and friendly there. Cindy the manager has a three grandchildren that one of her daughter's and son-in-law adopted who have special needs so she was quite taken with Elizabeth and Beka.
Thursday (today) saw us contacting Graebel Moving Company and arranging for our stuff to be moved in to our new apartment. We take possession of our new place April 11th! The girls are excited - there are ducks and geese in the pond next to our apartment. There is a fence that keeps them out of the water, so that is helps ease some of the anxiety I would have felt if they didn't have a gate and there is a small playground area and a place for them to ride their bikes. An elementary school is a block away and I called up there and spoke with the school Psychologist. I filled out the enrollment paper work for Elizabeth and gave them her most recent IEP papers from Spaght, if she feels that Madison Elementary can't meet Lizzie's needs then they will bus her to a school that can. She will still be the Psychologist though who will work with me and the transition team to help Elizabeth make a semi-smooth transition into her new school.

I will write more tomorrow. I hope you all have a good night and great weekend. Also - now that Chris will be working in the evenings expect me to blog more often - I'll have the computer! :D

Love in Christ,


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