Friday, March 4, 2011

Vaccination and Autism

Okay, I just read a very disturbing article that was talking about an outbreak of measles in Boston that is beginning. Many people there have chosen to not vaccinate their children because of a study performed by a doctor in England who claims the Measles, Mumps, & Rubella vaccine caused autism.

Having studied Psychology and taken Research Design, there are things that are necessary for as study to be a good study and one of them is that other scientists must be able to duplicate the research and get the same results. This doctor was also found to have a deal with pharmaceutical companies to create a new vaccine making him millions upon millions of dollars.

Please, please, please, vaccinate your children. This study was not a valid or good study. It has been removed from Medical Journals and false and unethical. The doctor is going to jail and is awaiting his trial. So please, do not listen to this man. I know that some of you will ignore me and that is one you, but let me try one more question.

Would you rather have a special needs child who may struggle some, or would you prefer your child die from measles? People do die from measles you know. They used to lose people all the time before they came up with the vaccine. I have seen families bury their children and seen the pain, anguish and heartache. Yes, there is heartache and grief that comes from learning to accept your child has special needs, but your child will go on to live and in a lot of cases can go on to live a normal life.

Out of curiosity when did Jenny McCarthy go to college and gain a medical degree? She hasn't - so why are you listening to a woman who makes her living by selling her body to Hollywood for pictures and for men's lustful thoughts? She may be a mother, but that doesn't make her a doctor. Last time I checked, she hadn't done 4 years of college, plus 4 years of medical school and residency that can last from 4 - 6 years. While I don't think doctors are always right, I do believe they are right when they debunked this study.

So please, if you are wavering on whether or not to immunize your children, ask yourself this question? Would I rather lose my child to measles or navigate the challenges of special needs and have my child to hug another day?

Have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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