Friday, March 25, 2011

On the Road to Washington

Well we are official in the middle of transition. We currently are homeless - in the fact, that we have no place that is our current home. Monday, the movers came and packed us up, Tuesday they loaded the minivan and we hit the road early Wednesday morning. After a long day on Wednesday (we spent 14 hours total travelling) we stopped in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Until this point, we had spent a minimal amount of money fixing our hub assembly on the minivan. We had taken the van in to get a once over at Firestone and they informed us, that is needed fixing, so Chris is good at fixing stuff and he fixed it for us. On Thursday, we started our second leg of our trip to the Everett, Washington. If you've never been in the Wyoming/Utah area, it's is mountainous, and amazingly beautiful. We drove up into the mountains and down the mountains and stopped at the Echo Information Center just outside Echo, Utah. I took the girls to the little girls rooms and came out to hear Chris yelling at the girls and very upset. My husband is pretty easy going - so for him to be this upset, was something big. I went and he started yelling how I didn't know how to pack the minivan (I'm the one who figured out how to get it all in the minivan - so it was his frustration talking) and then I realized he was working on the passenger side front tire. The bolts began BREAKING AND SHEARING off! He was mad, so I grabbed the AAA card which we had thankfully renewed faithfully each year when we got our tax returns, and made a phone call to the roadside assistance and got a tow truck on it's way. The lovely older woman working at the Information Center was extremely helpful.

This is our van after Chris fixed it. After getting the phone number to a Napa Auto Parts store in Coalville, Utah, we waited for the tow truck. Thinking that it might only seat two additional people, I had taken the goody bag out of the van and took the two younger girls, Lizzie and Beka inside to wait while Daddy got the tow truck to take him to Coalville, but to our pleasant surprise he had a truck that had a backseat so we were all able to go to Coalville together.
This is the lovely man who owned the Napa Auto Parts Store - he was very pleasant and had the part and the new bolts waiting for Chris when we arrived - the AAA tow truck driver was so sweet and pleasant. The man who owned the store, even had a small playroom that he let Lizzie and Beka go play in while we waited on Chris and Sarah to replace the hub assembly.

This is the co-owner Jeremy who is also the man's son. Both men were amiable and so kind. He has a little baby who's less than one year old. So they understood about bored children and even gave the girls a sucker each.

So while this may not seem like a huge story, it is in fact, a VERY HUGE story. When Chris went to look at the assembly the first bolt that had sheared off - was cold to the touch, this meant it had sheared off while we were driving. By the time we started calling AAA - three out of five bolts had either sheared off or broken off with very little effort on Chris' part. If any of these others had broken or sheared off while we were driving - we would have been killed when the tire came off the van. We had been going up and down all of these mountains and the speed limit was 75 miles per hour. None of us would have survived that accident. We had even been reading scripture and had prayed a few hours before for safe travel and that God would protect our car and ourselves. And we absolutely made sure we gave prayer of thank you to God for protecting us. If I had been driving or if Chris hadn't known how to fix this problem we would have had to pay a ton of money. The man at the Napa store took one look at the assembly and told Chris that what happened should not have happened at all - it appeared that whoever created that hub assembly had used the wrong bolts - they were the wrong size and the metal was not as it should have been AT ALL!!!!!! Chris was very upset, and super vigilant for the rest of the day, because he this shook him up. One man almost came over into our lane and he started yelling how his family had almost died today and he would take out the other car?! So it definitely scared the crud out of him.
We are currently in Nampa, Idaho visiting with Chris' mom for a few days. For now the plan is to stay here until Monday and rest. Monday Chris and I - and most likely Beka will go on to the Everett, Washington area and do some house hunting and spend some time looking around and getting our bearings.
I hope you all have a great weekend.
Love in Christ,

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