Friday, March 11, 2011


As you know if you read my blog, we are preparing to move. When I woke up this morning my plans included laundry, laundry, and more laundry - oh and run to the store to get stuff to keep doing laundry. However, the day proved anything but what I planned.

One of the things we've needed to get for some time now are birth certificates for both Elizabeth and Rebekah. So since we discovered we'd be moving sooner rather than a little later, I realized I needed to take a flying trip up to Topeka. This meant I picked up cash, Rebekah, and a phone call to ensure I could in fact, pick up the birth certificates the same day that I arrived. After securing the necessary knowledge, I picked up cash from the ATM and made sure that I retrieved an excited Beka from preschool and hit the road.

We were making good time, I was on the turnpike and then my phone rang - literally, a ringing phone is my ring tone for those who I have yet to assign their own ring tone. It was the woman in charge of our application for Elizabeth to gain disability. She has been found disabled - honestly, if they had denied her, I would have been shocked. While the decision to apply for disability was a tough one to make, it served two purposes. First, it meant that Elizabeth would not need to attempt filing on her own later - so it saved her a trip. Second, it meant that we would have some more money coming in and it would be a lot easier to take care of Elizabeth's need - medicine, doctor's visits, etc. . . Until the time when Chris became unemployed we'd managed to take care of the girls rather well and even Elizabeth's doctor's visits, medicine, and the lovely things we needed for her like clothing, food, a roof over her head. You know frivolous things like those pesky things. This will make meeting her needs much easier for her and for us in the future. So I had to pull over so I could write down the information. I sat there for quite some time - so long a nice Highway Patrolman came to check on us. They really are under appreciated for everything they do. Have you told one thank you recently? I know I intend to do so very shortly.

After taking care of that information and quieting a fussy Beka with promises of McDonald's after we ran our errands, we made good time to Topeka. Have I mentioned we invested in a Garmin? Well if you are directionally impaired as I am - I suggest you invest in one. It has saved me tons of grief and aggravation! It made getting the building to get the birth certificates so much easier. By the way if you go to Topeka to get vital records, make sure you have a ton of change for the parking or park at McDonald's just down the street from the building - it isn't ideal, but it was a nice walk. Beka was quite happy to get to walk with me to the building. She was cute, and friendly and enjoyed talking with a nice couple from Kansas City who came to get a birth certificate as well. The drive home while uneventful, was long and took it's toll on Beka. She got pretty fussy with me the last 45 minutes before crashing on me on the way home.

This may not seem like a long day, but it seemed pretty long by the time I got home. I had to lay down for a few minutes. It was nice to talk to Chris and get his details of his day. He spent the day talking to Boeing, the woman from the Disability Office and the woman who will help us find housing. Her entire task is to find us a home to move into to - so we don't have to stay in a hotel any longer than necessary. At first, our budget was a 3 bedroom with 2 bath or even 1 bath for around $1,000 a month. Let me tell you in the state of Washington - that is a pretty tall order. So after talking about it - we agreed we could up the budget - which helped Heather out a lot. At this point she is going to talk to Crystal Cove apartments - because they had originally had an apartment with our needs for $931 a month - but they'd raised their rates - so she thinks she may be able to talk them into lowering the price and they offer a no deposit thing for Boeing employees. I sent her a quick e-mail and she called me back pretty quickly and was happy that we could be a little more flexible. Let me tell you, being from Kansas and having been spoiled by a less than $600 a month house payment - Chris is in quite a bit of sticker shock. Renting a place should not cost a person 1/2 of their monthly income and I agree with him. Sadly, it appears this is the case in Washington. So we'll learn to adapt and do what we can to make it work.

So after all of that, Chris was sweet and took us out for dinner at Carlos O'Kelly's. The girls thought that was pretty awesome - it's one of their favorite restaurants. It was nice to not need to cook supper this evening and I foresee a lot of sandwiches in our future this next week.

This was my day - oh and we picked up Sarah from her boyfriend, Wesley's house in Derby - three girls in the van in one row was a bit too much for anyone. It is nice to be home - Chris is giving Beka a bath and Lizzie is washing herself and I am enjoying a little quiet time.

This was my day - how was yours? What are your plans for tomorrow? My list is growing a bit.

Have a good weekend.

Love in Christ,

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