Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laid on the Heart

I have felt all day that God has laid this on my heart. So after spending the day putting it off, here is what I feel God wants me to say.

This is what God has laid on my heart: A message for the broken, abused, and misused.

I AM Jehovah, Abba, Yahweh. I go by many names, but I AM. I AM the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and I AM the one who knows your hurt, pain and needs. I AM is here. I AM loves you and while I cannot remain in places of unrighteousness, I AM the one who can cleanse you and make you whole.

I see the pain that you are in and I know the way your heart groans for me, even when you are so lost in the dark that you cannot see me, I AM is there. I AM knows that you are searching even now as you fill your life with things that cannot fill the void inside of you.

Those who hurt you, abuse you and tell you that you are worthless. . . THEY ARE WRONG!!!! I made you and I know what you can become. I promised this to my children in Jeremiah and throughout the book that is my love letter to you. I do not make junk, I did not make you as a mistake. I love you because you are flawed, not despite it. I am waiting on you and for you and long to know you in a deep personal relationship.

I AM is the Great Physician, the Healer of Healers and the I AM more than just an Alpha and Omega - I go beyond the boundaries of science fiction, beyond the limitations of your human mind and beyond the boundaries of your heart and soul. I created this world and I CAN HEAL YOUR PAIN. I AM the one calling to you while you are in the desert searching for what you hope will fill the void, all the while you fill it with things that last only a moment or so before you are void again. I AM the one who longs to take your broken, battered and bruised soul and make you something magnificent. I AM the one who takes brokenness and turns it into something beautiful. You know me, you seek me, but you do not seek me with all of your heart. Cry out to me and I will hold you and carry you through the time that seems your lowest ever.

Please do not wait to long - I want to spend eternity with you and I want you with me. I long to show you all of the wonders I can and have created that will be beyond your wildest dreams. I know there are others pulling at you and asking you to trust them, but if you trust me and my grace and mercy I will make you whole. Ask one of my children, they will share their stories of healing and how I have had my hand on their lives with you. Please, come to me, let me in and allow me to show you the love you never had, whether it is from having no father or mother who loved you, or if it because you had them and they hurt you. They are just people. Flesh and bones who will die someday just as you will die someday, but I am forever. I AM the one who is a FATHER TO THE FATHERLESS! I AM the greatest love of your life if you will let me and I long to be everything to you so that I can help you through your life and through your choices.

I know surrender is difficult and tough. I know that listening to the world is easier than listening to me. I have lived among you, I know of the temptations you face even if they are a bit different from when I walked the Earth. I AM the god who loves you so much I sent my son to you as the ultimate sacrificial lamb. The LAMB who removed the need for a high priest - HE IS YOUR HIGH PRIEST.

Please I love you and my love is a gift. My mercy, my grace - they are free. You do not need to earn them - they just are there for you to accept when you realize you no longer wish to travel this life alone.

I love you and I am waiting.

Love Always,


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