Monday, February 28, 2011

Why EVERYONE Needs a Kindle

Okay in what I am sure many of you will think is a shameless free promotion of the Kindle, I have to share why I love my birthday present so much. Here are my top reasons why I think everyone should have a Kindle.

1. It has a lot of free book options so you don't have to spend a ton of money! Free books! Really does it get better than that?

2. It makes books that are otherwise huge seems much smaller and thus more feasible to read. Come on, we've all started a book that is huge and seems daunting. For me it's Jane Eyre. I can only get to about half way through it, when I lose hope and give up. However, with the Kindle, it is small and manageable - because you don't feel as if you are trying to hold a large book whilst you read.

3. It can turn the pages with one click of the button either way. I love to read and sadly, usually when I am on the treadmill or elliptical machine that is my only free time to read a book. And this means I have to deal with worrying about how to keep my book from closing or losing my place because the pages flip either forward or backward (it depends on how well "loved" my book is at the time). With a Kindle, I don't have this problem. And since I can also download the Bible for a small fee (Zondervan's NIV is only $1.99 from the Kindle Store) it means I can also do my time with God; so I can exercise my physical body as well as the spiritual mind at the same time. How great is that?!! Pretty great in my book!

4. It has a function (at least on mine and my mom's) that enables voice reading. It's electronic right now it sounds like it. But this means that people who are losing their sight can now hear their books and since the Kindle is small and lightweight so even if they are older and don't have a lot of strength, they win both ways. Who knows as time goes by, maybe they will find a way to replace the electronic voice with the voice of actors or singers who people enjoy listening too so they can hear the books in a human voice. Give them time - it can happen.

5. It makes reading while traveling much less of a hassle. I love to read while traveling but I do not love the fact that it used to mean lugging a book with me. Now I just put my Kindle in it's case and I'm good to go, it's slim and streamlined for easy carrying and storage.

6. Finally I like the Kindle because just as you can turn the pages with a click of the button (which happen to be on both sides by the way and they allow you to move forward or back a page) the Kindle also saves your place for you. So when you stop reading and then turn it back on, it is there w/o worrying that small children might remove your bookmark. This is something that happens to me often and it really annoys me. It also means I don't have to worry about bending down the paged.

I love this Kindle, because while I would never choose to buy this for myself because I generally find other more important things to purchase than something for me. I love that Chris knew this and so he bought it for me AND he spent a little extra money so it has 3G capability so I can read it anywhere. I know it will show wear and tear as time goes on, but that's okay. And while I still love to read a good old fashioned book. In fact, I love the smell of books and the sounds of turning pages and the way they look after you've read them over an over again. I also love that the Kindle keeps my books for me so I can save on storage space and in a house that is less than 1,000 square feet, that is essential.

I hope you all have a blessed week.

Love in Christ,

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