Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Unknown:

My mind is racing in exciting and a bit of fear. Chris went to a job interview today and they said those magic words, "We'd like to make you an offer." Watch out Washington the Koeppels are moving and you are our destination. We are excited and afraid, a little nostalgic, a little worried. There are a lot of things that we need to take into account - Elizabeth is a big factor - we need to find a special needs program that will work for her and be best for her. Sarah will continue the rest of this year homeschooling, but we are toying with the idea of placing her in public high school. Rebekah will have to leave Miss Hadley and her friend, Greg.

So many goodbyes and so many new hellos in our future. Change is always a little scary, whether you have a special need or not. Change is exciting, scary, exhilirating, panic inducing, and awe-inspiring all in one sweeping motion. Part of me is ready to move. Honestly, having moved so much as a young person, being in one spot for 10 years is a bit odd for me. About five years after living in Wichita, I was itching to move. Around this time last year, I realized, we were firmly entrenched here. Our support system is here, everything we know is here. Elizabeth and Rebekah have never known a different house. So for them moving someplace new will be a bit interesting to say the least. With all changes in life there are pros and cons, I've found.

Changes keep us limber, they make us stay on our toes, move out of our comfort zone. And this will be a huge change for us. Chris and I have both lived mainly in the Midwest/Bible Belt for most of our lives. Moving to the West Coast might be a bit of a culture shock for us. Every area of the U.S. has differences - things that make them unique. The East Coast people have their quick wit, sharp tones in their voices, and while they can be mistaken for rude, the people I have met from the East Coast have been friendly and lovely. The Southern way of life tends to be more slow paced and relaxing - which I have to say, I think they are on to something there. I don't like being constantly busy - I may have been born into the wrong part of the country. Of course, Texas is a state all on it's own and depending on where you are in the state you either love it or . . .well you don't love it. But no matter what part of the country or continent you live on, I find that there are always people who are awe inspiring, some who make you shake your head and wonder if Bill Engvall is around the corner with that "sign" of his, and then there are those who are like you trying to figure it all out one day at a time. Some of them have found the answer - they have discovered God and His infinite mercy and that His timing is perfect even if it doesn't coincide with our own timetable. They realize that allowing Christ's love to shine through you is more important than anything - even if they don't always succeed in living for Him each day.

So we walk into the unknown, wondering what does the wonderful and from what I understand incredibly beautiful state of Washington hold for us? What new adventures await us? What new heart aches? New friends and faces? New life experiences and new places to explore? And so we say goodbye for now with sadness and a little worry. We know that while living in Kansas we have been loved and have made good friends. But we also know that we will make new friends and find new faces and new places.

Sometimes walking into the unknown is so scary. I can only imagine how Jesus must have felt as He left his life with his family behind and began to live his life in service for you. Be with those we love and must leave behind and be with our family as we head into a new adventure. Watch over us and help us find the house YOU want us to have. Help Chris as he gears up to transfer, help him as he begins a new chapter in his work life. Help Chris to know we are here with him and supporting him all the way. Help our daughters as they say goodbye to friends and beloved teachers. Help them as they face new adventures, and make new friends.
Thank you for a new opportunity to learn new lessons and see new things and discover the beauty of another place You created.

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