Sunday, February 6, 2011

Preparing the Way

Moving is always a process. Anyone who has moved more than once or twice will tell you it is a lot of work and preparation. Moving also has many advantages.

First, moving means you get to get rid of the junk you've accumulated in your house. It's a great way to get rid of those things you know you should get rid of but until now, were never quite motivated to throw out or give away.

Second, you find things you'd forgetten you owned or had lost. I found a cd that I enjoyed a great deal while de-junking our bedroom yesterday. While it isn't one of my absolute favorite cd's it is one that I had enjoyed so I was pleased to find it. I also found two boxes with cassette tapes. Some were old and needed to be thrown away (I'm sorry Clay Cross, but you hadn't been playing well for a long time) and some I kept for nostalgia reasons. We also found my favorite shawl that my mom had made for me - it's great and comfy and warm and it will be going in the van with me when we leave our home.

Third, moving can also be a good time to do some emotional house cleaning as well. We all have people in our lives who aren't really good friends to us or they are toxic. The beauty of moving to a new state or even a new country is it gives you the chance to ask yourself the tough questions. Do I really want this person remaining in my life? Are they good for me or are they toxic? While it is tough to tell people to go away from your life, moving gives you a chance to slowly phase them out without being mean or having to be hurtful. Here is the trick though - it is important to do this to those who are toxic, but also try not to do this to those who are truly your friends. Yes, being a long distance from your friends makes life tough, but if they were a good friend and you can pick up where you left off with them after not talking for a while - they are a friend worth keeping. It's been my experience in life that you tend to meet those great friends while in college or even after college. It doesn't always work out that way - after all there are some people I knew in middle school and high school from Yukon who have changed a lot and I am happy to have reconnected with them (Thank you, Facebook). Then there are those who you reconnect with, only to get a sudden reminder why you weren't so sorry to go away and not see them again (Thank you for that too, Facebook). I think the key is to figure out who your friends really are and do what you can to keep them. The other friends who aren't such good friends, cut 'em lose and let 'em go. If they hurt you while living nearby why allow them to hurt you from far away.

Finally, Moving lets you have new experiences with new cultures, new places, sights to see, and things to learn. This is the part of moving I love - making new friends and learning about new places. I have learned a lot by living in other areas and even in another country. I learned that there are always those people from a different country who makes their country proud - they are kind, thoughtful, and are good friends to people. There are also equally those people in each country who give the rest of the country a bad name. Stupid seems to know no boundaries of color, country, or personal preferences. And why is it you always meet these morons on the road? They are the ones who are talking or texting on their cell phone and driving either stupid slow or they are paying zero attention and swerving all over the place? But that's another blog for another time. I learned that parents all yell at their children in and it's pretty universal. You recognize the tone in Italian or German, etc. . . when you hear a parent talk to them in that tone, you know what they mean is "Get your tush over here before I beat it". It's true. There is always some kid who has to push the boundaries and some parent who responds with that tone. It's amusing to watch and discover.

Moving has been a fairly good experience for me. It has afforded me the opportunity to meet new people, places and do new things. It also allows me to see new parts of the world and even America. You learn a lot by moving around and watching people and how they react to things.
So as we prepare to move and we are still dejunking our house we also look forward.

I hope you all have a good week.

Love in Christ,

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