Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

They have once again cancelled school. Monday we kept Elizabeth home, because she had been sick with a tummy bug Saturday night and the majority of Sunday (she began to perk up around 4 p.m. Sunday evening). We kept Beka home, because they'd cancelled Word of Life classes for Sarah - which Chris discovered only after braving the icy roads to drive her there and discovered there was no school. He might have taken Rebekah to school, but after almost getting into an accident with some crazy woman who couldn't drive, he opted instead to let her remain home. So last night we get a phone call about 10 p.m. that Wichita was closing their school for Tuesday. Guess what they've decided to close for Wednesday too.

At this point, I am going to need to come up with some at home, good old fashioned fun. I think it might be time to pull out the Operation Game and Spelling Bee Game that Lizzie got for Christmas so they will have plenty to do. Because as much as I love my girls, I do not love it when they bicker constantly. Nor do I love it when they are crying and screaming at each other at intervals that seem shorter than every five seconds.

What do you do on snow days? Do you have snow day kits you have stashed quietly away to pull out for those days when the kids are home and bored out of their minds? I do a bit. I save my good baking supplies for snow days - and then I wait and if they have too many then I pull out the baking. Elizabeth is at the age where she loves to help - she's great at helping me do laundry, folding and putting it away and helping me bake a little bit so she can learn how to cook. We keep crayons and coloring books handy and paper to make snowflakes to decorate the house with and I hate to say it, but I think it's time to invest in playdoh. I hate playdoh - okay let me clarify this statement. I actually like playdoh itself - what I don't like is cleaning it out of my low pile carpet. It's kind like trying to get the gum out of your carpet that someone conveniently forgot to tell you they'd dropped.

So here we go on towards day 3 of no school for our girls. They are going a little stir crazy, except for Sarah who went sledding and discovered that snow is not always soft while sledding with friends. Elizabeth will be happy learning new things and I have work books with Preschool lessons in them for Rebekah - so here's hoping that tomorrow is a saner day and I'm a saner woman.

Thank you for the snow that gives the ground the moisture it needs. Thank you for days of no school so our children can spend time relaxing and letting their brains have a break from learning. Thank you for the patience I know you will give us so we don't duct tape them together or their mouths shut. Thank you for giving someone the idea to invent duct tape so we can joke about using it. But more importantly thank you for creating something so beautiful and how it makes everything seem so pure and new when it falls on the ground.


Have a good week, stay inside and stay safe. Please be careful and God bless you all.

Love in Christ,

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