Monday, January 3, 2011

High School and Drama

One of the neat things about social networking is the ability to find those who you haven't seen in years. My family and I moved away from our hometown of Yukon, OK in 1989 for Mom's new job in Great Bend, KS.

One of the things I loved about living in Great Bend, was that while I was able to talk to pretty much everyone there, I was also had the luxury of remaining on the outskirts and watching their lives from a safe distance. This may not seem great to some people, but after spending middle school and ninth grade being tormented and teased to the point of being suicidal, living in Great Bend was a dream come true. I still miss living there - I miss being a silent watcher and being pretty much left alone.

What I don't miss about middle school and high school is DRAMA!!!!! Not the class the drama - but the drama of people fighting with other people and thinking that something that was said was terrible -when really it wasn't that terrible, it was just people acting like morons. So imagine my surprise when that drama found itself on my Facebook page today. Without going into excruciating details apparently something transpired between two women I went to school with and one of them had to post a snarky remark on MY Facebook page about the other woman.

Honestly, I didn't even enjoy high school when I was in high school! I was better friends with the teachers and the librarians knew me on a first name basis in all my schools. So I didn't appreciate it finding its way onto my Facebook. Fortunately, while I had a plan to let things evolve as they may, and I private messaged each woman and asked the offender to please keep her snarky remarks off of my facebook. The snarky woman interestingly enough decided to help me out and removed me as a friend. I'd like to say this bugs me, but it doesn't. It just means I don't have to play referee and I don't have to worry that something is going to happen on my page. I enjoy Facebook and I want to continue enjoying it - so thank you, for doing me a favor. It means I don't have to get stuck in the middle of someone else's arguement.

Do you have a grudge you are still holding on to? Is there a person who hurt you years ago and you can't seem to let it go? Let me encourage you to let it go and ask God to help you be released from these things. The truth is holding grudges doesn't hurt the person you are angry with or you "hate" it only hurts you. Hatred and anger will only eat you alive from the inside out. Especially if you are holding on to some hurt from when you were a teenager. I am not saying that teens should hurt other teens - in fact, I think we have a serious bullying problem these days with the internet "hiding" cyberbullies. What I am saying is this: while teenagers are terrible to each other, holding a grudge when you are a grown adult only hurts you. I have seen examples of people who choose to hold onto grudges and never forgive OR forget. It reduces them to a bitter and hateful person who lash out at others and say things they often regret later on that day or even years later when facing mortality. As I write this, I should come clean, I too have had to ask God to help me let go of my anger and hurt when others hurt me or anger me. It isn't always easy, but know this - people change. Life throws new things at those who were not always nice when we were growing up. They sometimes (note I said sometimes) become nicer or more humble people. Life experiences change them and soften their hearts or offers them fresh perspectives.

Let me encourage you today - if there is a grudge you are holding or something you are keeping inside that is eating at you. Give them to Jesus - He promises that his yoke is easy and he will give us rest when we are weary. He also promises us that his grace will be sufficient. So let go and let God set you free. Even if you don't contact them and attempt to make amends, it can still change your life.

Have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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