Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary Honey

I tend to lean towards the melancholy at times, but tomorrow will be a happy day. Tomorrow will celebrate 10 years that Chris and I have been married.

Occassionally, I used to watch Sex and the City - I preferred the edited for tv version - for obvious reasons. In the show one character, Charlotte, had two marriages. One went perfect according to plan - it was big and beautiful and it was all amazing. However, she realized early in that there were some serious issues and this marriage ended in divorce. During this divorce, Charlotte met suitor number 2 who she eventually wed. On her wedding day to Harry - her second husband, everything went wrong. So many snafu's occurred and as she was in the restroom crying, because she thought it should all be perfect, Carrie Bradshaw, the heroine and her best friend comes and tells her something poignant. I don't remember the whole speech, but Carrie points out to her friend that while her first wedding went off without a hitch that the marriage stunk. She told her that maybe the worse the wedding the better the marriage.

I share that with you, because I have to hazard, she might have been correct to some degree. On the day we got married, I was still in Oklahoma living with Mom and I went and picked up my last pay check from Williams-Sonoma where I had been working. Mom tried to get me to run errands and had a list of things to finish - but I was supposed to be in Wichita about 3 p.m. and I had to finish loading up Chris' pick up truck because he'd loaned it to me so I could haul my stuff to our home. I seemed to run into one obstacle after the other while attempting to make it to Wichita, I had to fill up, I had to put water in the truck so it wouldn't overheat. I had a terrible time getting the stuff loaded in the car and I was pregnant so I was incredibly nauseated. I finally got on the road, and a few miles outside of Perry, OK the truck began to overheat.

I pulled over and God sent a trucker who had noticed I was losing water behind me. He stopped and gave me a ride to the Sooner Corner cafe where I spent the next hour attempting to get Chris to answer his phone. By the time I reached him, we both realized we were going to be cutting it very close.

Chris tells me that on his way down to Perry, he was so mad at first. He thought I'd broken his truck and had been careless (a few days later when we made it back down there, he realized the water pump had gone out). Fortunately, by the time he made it to where I was, he had calmed down, he found the truck, loaded up the Pontiac LeMans that was mine and had it's own issues coming (it would die a few days later). We raced back to Wichita, and thankfully, Chris had had the foresight to call the judge and ask if we could push the time back to 5:00 o'clock instead.

That gave us enough time to get dressed up and grab some flowers from Dillon's. And find out that Dacia and Ken wouldn't be able to make it because Arissa was at the doctor's office and they couldn't leave. So Chris called Joe and Helen Lane who gladly came to our house (I speak as it is our house now) and they were our witnesses.

As I stood in front of the judge saying my vows to Chris, it seemed so surreal. I'd wanted to find the right man for so long and I had given up. I'd become quite cynical about love actually, people would tell me they just knew and I smile politely but in my head I was rolling my eyes and thinking, Like you know when you have food poisoning or have eaten a bad mushroom? It was a wonderful moment, and yet so surreal, my only response after kissing Chris was to start laughing and say, "This is so messed up." I didn't mean it was bad that I was married, but it was just so unreal that "Wow" just didn't quite cover it. As it would turn out I didn't really feel married until a month later when we had a small private ceremony for my family and my Uncle Ed officiated. It was nice, small and perfect for what we'd been planning.

I look back on 10 years and it's been filled with laughter, tears of grief, but we have stood by each other and fought for our marriage as a team. His strong points are usually where I am weaker and vice versa. He was a good husband after I married him, but as time has passed, he has allowed God to mold him into the man, that He showed me Chris could be when I prayed about whether it was God's will for me to marry Chris. I am so proud of him - he's an amazing man and I wouldn't trade him for anything else in the world (not even Twinings tea ;)).

Chris is God's promise to me fulfilled. I spent several years wondering if I would ever find him and I have to say, he really is all I ever wanted and more. I hope you all have a good week and enjoy some time with your husband/wife/loved ones.

Love in Christ,

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