Monday, January 10, 2011

Food Wars

We currently have a battle waging in our house. It is a battle of wills. If you are a parent you understand - you have a child who absolutely refuses to eat or do what you tell them. It's up to you to stand firm and make sure your child accomplishes the task that either nourishes their tummys or their souls (even if it is in the long run).

Right now our war is a war of wills over. . . drum roll please - food. It all began when Chris deployed the first time around and it was only Elizabeth and myself. It was easy to slip into a routine of not cooking and just eating out. Not conducive to a pocket book or my tush for that matter. When Chris came home he worked second shift and even after Sarah came home - there were many nights when Elizabeth wouldn't eat - this was compounded by my pregnancy with Beka and the first trimester. This meant my girls ate a lot of hot dogs with macaroni and cheese or Ramen noodles - all cooked by Sarah. It just became easier to fix a sandwich or fix Sarah and I something instead of fightin Elizabeth. But then Beka came along and another deployment came and so it was only Sarah and I at home eating what I fixed (this excludes spaghetti, chicken and french fries, hot dogs, mac and cheese and similar food items).

When Chris came home and the jobs weren't coming, it came time to bite the bullet and fight the food battle. It is much easier to fight when you have another adult fighting with you. Before I was fighting it on my own and had Sarah trying her best to back me upS arah was a trooper and did a good job, but she's the sister it isn't quite the same as having Mommy AND Daddy working together. So Elizabeth tried to fight with Chris, but she lost and I backed him up all the way. She now will eat whatever is put in front of her - she may not like it, but by golly she eats it. By the way Elizabeth is our daughter with an Autism Spectrum Disorder - so parents with children who have similar problems, take heart - your picky eater can learn to eat anything. Now we are down to only Beka who fights, but she is slowly losing the war. Chris or I sit with her and make her eat at least two bites, but we tend to insist on more than that now. For example: both girls are sitting at the table and realize that they won't be leaving until after they've eaten everything in their bowls.

So there you have it, our battle. I hope it encourages you if you have picky eaters - they can be conquered. However, on that note I should add, my aunt and uncle backed each other up at mealtime and my cousin still won't eat vegetables - except for mashed potatoes. So while it may not always work, it is possible to conquer a picky eater.

I hope everyone has a good week.

Love in Christ,

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