Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daddy's and Their Girls

Chris and Sarah at I-Hop in Orlando, Florida on our family vacation.
Chris and Beka together at the Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

Chris with Sarah (the witch), Elizabeth (Daphne from Scooby-Doo), and Bekaboo (the blue haired bootterfly) on Halloween 2010.
There are different types of Daddy's. There are tall ones, short one, skinny one, fat ones, good one and not so great ones and there are even horrible daddy's who hurt their children. I'm fortunate, I have a great husband who happens to be a very good Daddy to our girls. I am good with crying, blood, and all that lovely stuff, but Chris excels at cleaning up puke and soothing feverish girls and snuggling with them all the time (even Sarah).
There are some men who think they are super macho and that being a man means you don't do certain things (like let your daughters paint your toenails), but I argue the opposite point. While Chris may not be a perfect person - how many men can say they allow their little girls to practice painting their toenails on Daddy? Not many. But even as I write this, my husband has lilac colored toenails. It's true, and they are growing out - they've been lilac for a while now. So this weekend he will let Lizzie and Sarah take the old polish off and let them repaint his toes.
In the beginning it was only on vacation - Chris had come home from deployment and we went to Florida for vacation and he allowed Elizabeth to paint his toenails - or would have if she could have found the toenail polish (Sarah had hidden it pretty well from everyone including me). So after we returned home I bought Elizabeth her nail polish and she made Daddy's toes very pretty. Although, I think it's safe to say she got a little carried away - she painted his one of his toes green. He was joking this morning that he'd heard of a green thumb, but never a green toe. So he's had florescent polka dotted toe nails, pink toenails (it clashes with his skin) and currently he has lilac colored toenails. Elizabeth loves it, the guys in the Army tease him, and even some of the women at church have ribbed him a little. However, when he walks in the door he has three girls who screech with joy and delight "Daddy's home, Daddy's home."
So say what you will, but when a man is loved that much by his daughter's it says something. It says he's not too proud to allow himself to look like a fool for his kids. He will do anything for them and listen to their needs and heart hurts. As we face a possible third deployment, I know this time around all three girls will be bawling because Daddy's gone. I'll be joining them as we eagerly await Daddy's return home hopefully safe and sound in mind and body.
Have a good weekend and be safe.
Love in Christ,

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