Monday, December 13, 2010

Parenting and ARGGGGHHHHH Moments

I love being a mom. I really do, but there are moments in every parent's life of raising their children when they toy with the thoughts of murdering their children. They don't formulate a plan, they just think, "my child is making me nuts and I may have to kill her".
Every child has those times when they make a choice that makes their parents want to scream at them if they are lucky and murder them at their worst.
Tonight my 3 yr old, the cute one in orange dress decided to squirt my face wash and my good shampoo in the bottom of my bathtub. Now this might not be such a big deal if it were the cheap stuff, okay who am I kidding right now with money so tight it would still be a big deal whether it was the expensive or cheap stuff. Let's just say I was less than enthusiastic about her choice of decoration. Although, on the bright side, at least she didn't decorate the walls with Aim toothpaste and muscle relaxers like Lizzie did at 3 yrs old. That fiasco culminated in a trip to the ER to have her stomach pumped to ensure she hadn't digested any pills.
So there you have it, the annoyance of the day at the Koeppel household. Doesn't this make you want to just run out and have children of your own? I love having children, I also equally love having a moment of peace and quiet. Someday I will have those moments back again, but until then I promise, I will let my children live.
I hope you all have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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