Monday, December 6, 2010

The joys of after deployment

This past year has been a good year, a long one, but a good one. Chris returned home February 13, 2010 from serving in Iraq and Kuwait. It was awesome, we all have loved having him back even as mentally we prepare for the fact that he will have to return home.
One of the things that isn't so great is that after Chris gets home we all spend the next year getting sick. Even Chris who is normally Mr. Healthy, gets sick. If it's going around, we will catch it; everything from poison ivy to the flu. It's one of the reasons I had both Lizzie and Beka get the flu mist this year and I plan to go to Dillon's and get my flu shot very shortly.
The bad thing and the nice thing about this year is that Chris has been home and unemployed. On one hand this stinks, because it means we are very tight financially. However, him being home has it's perks. First, he gets to spend time with the girls and get to know them and their little idiosyncrasies. Second, kind of goes along the same lines as the first one - but he he's been able to really work on his relationship with Sarah. They had a pretty rocky relationship before and during his deployment. Third, I get some extra help, which is good, because when I'm the only one carrying the load, it gets to me after a while and burns me out. Finally, it means he gets to rest, talk to me about things that are bugging him, spend time working on his relationship with Christ and helping friends and family in need of mechanical services. It also has let him think about what he wants to do.
While we are looking at one more deployment before he is eligible to retire from the Reserves, we are also looking at the possibility of a job overseas. There are a lot of things that can happen right now and with the economy looking down for years to come we have to keep all our avenues open.
My husband was nice enough to set me up with an account on his laptop for now. Hopefully when we get our taxes back I can purchase a new laptop. Diet Pepsi on a laptop is a very bad thing and mine is most likely fried.
I hope you all have a good week.
In Christ,

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