Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Gotta Love a Drama Queen

The beautiful young woman standing next to my handsome, sexy husband, Chris is our daughter Sarah. Don't worry, Sarah's hair no longer looks grey, it's gone back to a pretty shade of brown these days.

I love Sarah, I love my husband. But when I call her a Drama Queen, I should tell you the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Although in this case, the tree is her mom, not Chris. However, as she has lived with us, the drama quotient has gone down to a tolerable level of semi-normal teenage drama. As Sarah gets older, she matures and grows, and so she has refined her drama to an art these days.

While Chris was gone, we discovered the show Torchwood on our Netflix Instant Play. I don't have cable for reasons I'll save for another blog. Sarah loves Science Fiction, Horror, and Action Movies - thankfully for me she also likes a good romantic comedy as well, so if I need a chick flick fix, she's usually game for watching with me.

Sarah was really getting into Torchwood and I was fine letting her watch it for the most part. Until we got to one episode. . . I am not a homophobic person, however, I think there is an age when a child is old enough to see two men or two women kissing and at the time, Sarah was newly fourteen so I felt like it was a little young for her to be watching something that galvanizing for deep conversations. Oh and in case, I forgot to mention, it was 9 p.m at night too. I am a morning person so after a certain time of day, I am not up for deep philosophical conversation. Sarah is a night owl though and so she always wants to have a deep conversation before bedtime. It makes for an interesting mix at times. This occasion though, we were watching this episode, I was on the computer, but it's in the living room, so I could kind of see what she was watching. As I looked up there goes Captain Jack in to snog another guy. That's the point where I had to shut it off. I also had to explain to Sarah that while she knows about homosexuality, knowing it is out there and watching it are two very different things and I wanted her to be a little bit older before she continued watching the show.

At this point I noticed a friend of mine was online who likes British TV and inquired if Captain Jack's character was indeed gay on the show or if it was an isolated incident. She informed me that John Barrowman is gay in real life.

Okay you need to know, Sarah thought Captain Jack was hot - okay we both think John Barrowman is hot. He's very good looking. I don't care if he's gay, I think Captain Jack is pretty awesome - especially on Dr. Who. I turned to Sarah and told her,

"Sarah, the guy that plays Captain Jack is an actor named John Barrowman and he's gay."

I did not expect this reaction as she threw herself prostrate on the floor and began writhing around like a possessed woman.

"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Why God, are all the good looking men gay?!"

I had to laugh, it was reminiscent of her as a small child on the videotape my husband showed me of Sarah writhing around on the floor throwing a temper tantrum as a small child.

It might not have been such a blow to her, except that she saw a photograph on Facebook of one of my friends who also is very attractive and also very gay. So telling her about John Barrowman, was apparently more than she could handle.

Oh the joys of teenagers. I love our Sarah, she is such a nut. And I am glad she's a little dramatic, it entertains me often and gives me tons of ammunition to use against her when she starts dating. A mother has to have some good blackmail stuff, right?

Have a good evening and a blessed week.

Love in Christ,

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