Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sarah, Music, and Barlowgirl

Sarah loves the group Barlowgirl - a group of three sisters who have dedicated their lives to God and who have also decided to not date, but allow God to bring them their future husband. The neatest part about all of this is that they are young women who I can encourage my daughter to like and admire. They dress modestly and their main focus is to glorify God and follow His will for their lives.

I discoverd the love of Barlowgirl music during Chris' deployment in 2004-2005 and their song Never Alone had come out on the radio - and Wayfm was brand new to Wichita. That song spoke to me very deeply since being a single parent while Chris was gone was very lonely and sometimes it felt that I was alone. When Sarah came to live with us, I introduced her to Barlowgirl music and Wayfm. It was a wonderful way to also open a door to Sarah's heart for God.

In 2005 & 2006 they came for a concert and of course, we had to go, so in 2005 we went to the concert with Sheri and she loved it. But in 2006 when they came I had just discovered I was pregnant with Beka and so instead of going with Sarah down front, I gave her my cell phone and let her go herself. She was already very excited to be going to her second Barlowgirl concert and having dinner with me, and getting to buy some Barlowgirl stuff was very exciting. We were able to enjoy a great concert and I was able to share Sarah's story with the girl's mom and tell her thank you for raising her daughters to love God with such unwaivering devotion. But nothing could prepare me to see the look on Sarah's face as she came running back to me with a water bottle.

During the concert Lauren Barlow was talking to the crowd and had a water bottle. She tossed it out to the crowd and I heard her tell the person who caught it, "Make sure you wash that." I didn't realize it at the time, but Sarah was the one who caught the water bottle. She was supersonic with excitement as she was waving the water bottle in the air with glee, "I caught Lauren's water bottle!" I knew looking at how excited she was, that sleep was going to be next to impossible that night for Sarah. She got to sing with Alyssa and Matthew West when he was onstage. All of these things were exciting and she still has those memories and talks about them. But that water bottle was the icing on a great birthday cake for her that night.

In case you are wondering - she did empty the water out of the water bottle and she still has it in a plastic ziplock bag labeled "Lauren Barlow's water bottle 2006". It is in her memory box safely tucked away for posterity. She still listens to their albums and has most of the words to every song memorized - she even sang Porcelain Heart for church a few years ago.

So to all Christian artists, who are struggling to sing and glorify God - thank you from a mom who was able to use your music to show her daughter God's heart and that He isn't stupid.

I hope you all have a good Sunday.

Love in Christ,

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