Thursday, November 25, 2010


I woke up early this Thanksgiving morning with a craving for some cereal and started watching 18 Kids and Counting from TLC on Instant Play (we don't have cable - it's too expensive and there never seems to be anything on there we want our kids watching). As I am watching this, I watch as Michelle Duggar is ready to go and trying to help her husband pack for a trip they plan to take - and he proceeds to spend what I would consider an excessive amount of hairspray and time getting ready to fly to California.

As luck would have it, my friend Beth also posted on her Facebook that they were ready to go, but guess what, they were waiting on her husband to show and get ready to go. So this makes me query - why is it that a man who only has to get himself ready to go still takes longer to get ready than a woman who gets herself and three children ready to go to church? Granted at this point in time, I no longer have to get Sarah ready - she's got herself taken care of, but when Beka was an infant, and Elizabeth was still in the process of learning certain skills to get ready, I took care of me and BOTH children and yet we usually ended up waiting on Chris?

So here is my question. Since women change physically and emotionally after having children, is this a sympathetic symptom for men? Is there some unwritten cosmic rule that we aren't aware of that states: Once you have children, it will always take a man longer than a woman to get dressed and ready to leave? Even when Chris and I were both in college, I had to get both little girls ready to leave for the sitter and I had to get ready to go to classes, but we almost always ended up hollering at Chris to hurry up?!

Now in fairness to Chris. Once I brought it to his attention he sped up his toiletry process quite a bit, so we are usually both ready to go a little bit apart now - as opposed to us sitting twiddling our thumbs waiting for him.

I might not have asked this, except reading Facebook and watching that episode got me thinking.

I hope you all have had a good Thanksgiving and have a good weekend.

Love in Christ,


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