Saturday, November 6, 2010

Memory Lane and Sarah

Memory Lane and Sarah:

Hard to believe that the mature looking young woman above is also the little girl below.
I don't write about Sarah often, because she prefers that I not blog about her often. But Sarah is an amazing young woman. And as I was looking at the old photos and it kind of made me remember the first Christmas when I met Sarah.
Chris and I had begun dating July 17, 2000 and it got pretty serious pretty fast. So serious we knew we wanted to get married. Chris and I are not game players. We are pretty much, we call it like we see it and so we were very honest with each other from the beginning. We talked about a lot of things, former spouse, children (did we want them, Sarah, how she would fit into all of this, all the important things - discipline, what kind of parents we wanted to be). One of the things that made me love Chris so much was the fact that he loved Sarah and talked about her and how much he missed her. Until Christmas 2000, Chris hadn't been able to talk to Sarah or see her for a while and this trend did not get better until she came to live with us in 2005. But that is another story for another time.
Christmas 2000 Chris was planning to propose (something I didn't realize until a few days later) and we were excited because Chris got to have Sarah for Christmas. I remember the day Chris drove to Iowa to meet his dad and pick up Sarah. We were so excited, I spent the day purchasing her Christmas presents, and some clothing for her so she would have a nice dress to wear for church. I enjoyed shopping for her and talking to Chris' mom to find out what she liked and didn't like, was she a girly girl or a tomboy (at the time girly girl - but now a little of both). I finished wrapping presents and getting things taken care of and then I had to wait. That was so difficult, waiting to hear the truck pull up in the driveway and out comes this little girl with a short bob haircut of thick reddish brown hair and the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes in the world. We did the introductions and I took her upstairs to help her unpack and I remember her telling me, "I love you, can I call you Mom." I was taken aback, I hadn't expected that, and yet as I looked down into those beautiful, trusting eyes of hers, I knew I'd do anything to protect her and keep her safe. Pray for her, love her, fight for her, and cry for her. We had a good week that week while she visited us and as I got to know Sarah more and more, I loved her more and more. She is smart, amazing, and wonderful. She is kind, patient with Lizzie and Beka, she makes them presents because she can and she is good at it. She can take anything and make something great out of it - all talents that will serve her well. Her future is bright and as she matures into the amazing young woman God has planned for her to become, I feel so honored to be able to love her and watch her grow. Yes, we have our fights and we butt heads because she's the first born and wants to be in charge and I am also the first born and I am in charge. But even in those moments, I love her tenacity, her spirit, but could so live without her need to have the last word (just kidding Sarah). Sarah is amazing and I am proud to be her bonus mom.
Have a good week and good Sabbath.
Love in Christ,

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