Saturday, November 27, 2010

Forgotten Women

I was reading an article on AOL Seed by Mollee Harper. She is a woman who is unemployed after spending her life working herself up to the point of CEO/CFO of a construction company who has found herself a social pariah.

After reading about her plight, this is my plea to all who are in ministry. Even those who have no children need our love and support. A woman who foolishly believed her friends would be there for her, has found herself not only w/o friends and very few family, but even the churches don't help her?!

How is this possible? I know we were commissioned to aid the widow and the orphans - but why can't that extend to those who are single, unemployed women? In some ways, they need more than those with children - they are completely alone and isolated and most of them are discovering that those they thought were their friends and even when family turns their back on them, isn't this the time to reach out and offer them the love and support that Christ would give them. Mary of Magdalen (from what history has told us) was single woman and yet, she was a follower of Christ and apart of the inner circle or Dorcas? This also extends to single men who are unemployed - they too are in need of the body of Christ's love and support just as much as a single woman, or a widow, or even a single dad with children.

Sadly, even tonight while working on dinner I had a talk with my girls that somewhere in Elizabeth's school are children who only get to eat when at school. Their parents are in the place of choosing between paying the rent or putting food on the table. Food stamps help sure, but you only get so much a month, and if you make over a certain amount you are penalized.

What has this country come to? We have a system that encourages you to go on it's assistance, but if you make over a certain amount, then you lose that assistance? Or worse, yet, if you are a single mother trying to take care of her children (or even a special needs child), but you receive child support it is used against you, so cannot work over a certain number of hours? How does this help people? How can crippling a woman or man and their family into remaining on government assistance possibly help them in the long run?

It doesn't. It cripples them and leaves them in a place where they must watch each and every penny and sometimes even doing that doesn't cover the bills. Is this the ideal that Jesus had when he told us to go and spread the good news? NO! It isn't. It wasn't his plan for us to harass, harangue and penalize those less fortunate. It was not his plan for us to leave people so crippled they cannot get out from under the government's thumb. This is how socialism starts - reliance on the government.

So tonight, my appeal to you is to pray. Pray for those less fortunate. Pray for the parents of children who are going to bed with empty tummies -here in America as well as the world. Pray that God opens the eyes, minds, and hearts of our leaders in government but also in our churches. If we are the body of Christ, what must he think of us these days? I don't know about you, but I am afraid to know the answer to that question.

Maureen Koeppel

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