Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall, Rain, and What's to Come

Today is one of those rainy fall days. Driving to the store and looking at the beautiful vibrant colors of nature's swan song for the year I remembered someone tell me that Fall and Winter where a part of death and how it made them sad. So I began thinking about that and how it coincides with life and death.

I love Fall, it's one of my favorite times of year in fact, I love how it comes in after we are done sweating and wishing we could soak in a nice cold swimming pool. I love the beauty of the leaves that begin to turn in our neighborhood the vibrant reds, golds, and orange, the green begins to fade and we know that once again Mother Nature is winding down her year to rest for the winter.

So here is my thoughts on this. Fall and Winter are a lot like our lives. When we are born it's Spring and our lives are full of hope and promise of beautiful possibilities to come. Summer is when we are out of college and living our lives - we are moving quickly and generate a lot of heat because we are so busy with life and living it. However, as we begin to slow down and consider retiring we are in the Fall season of our lives, we still have beauty in us and we realize that while our lives are winding down we still have beauty to share with others. Then we enter the winter of our lives and still I maintain there is beauty. How beautiful is it to have a life we have lived and God willing have served Christ well. We have wisdom to share with the young (if they will listen) and sometimes we get a fresh coat of snow, but it's on our heads and not the ground. We can rest a bit more and enjoy time with friends and family.

Like nature when our winter comes near the end, someday we will find we were merely hibernating. Waiting for Christ to come and awaken us and make us new creatures with fresh new bodies. In Winter with nature, it isn't really death that happens, it is hibernation, waiting for Spring to come and renew the trees and plants. Aren't we doing the same thing - especially those of us who love God and want to have Him as our King at the end? When our winter of life ends, we may die, however, we know this is not the end - life eternal begins.

Eternity? What a concept. . . in fact, it is almost impossible to believe and wrap our heads around isn't it. So the next time you look at the Fall and think of death and life ending, remember we never really end - if we love God and seek Him with all of our hearts, life goes on with Him eternally. What a great thought.

Have a good weekend.

Love in Christ,

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