Monday, November 15, 2010


This was Elizabeth's birthday party and Sarah was
she helped out and carried the cake in with the candle's lit for Lizzie to blow out.
Sarah came to live with us in 2005 and honestly, after some of the stuff that went on while she was in 5th grade, I would have left her out of public school for middle school if it had been left up to me. However, we didn't gain sole custody until 2006 and Sarah enjoyed going to Mayberry, so we left her there.
However, after 8th grade we faced a problem. We live near a high school in our city that isn't the nicest or the best idea for our daughter. So after talking it over and praying about it Chris and I decided to take her out of school. Her therapist, who was a nice woman had some input into it, but truthfully if I could go back again and do it over, I would have listened to my instincts and gone with Switched on Schoolhouse.
Sarah is very smart and bright, but I listened to outside voices and I chose a high school online that would mean I wasn't her teacher. This proved to be a disaster. First, it meant she had to be online and she spent more time playing on the Internet than focusing on her studies. Second, it gave me limited abilities to check upon her and if she was working. So after a disastrous first 9 weeks, I pulled her out and put her into Switched on Schoolhouse and that seemed to work better for her and for myself. It also meant I was able to monitor how much she worked on each subject and we were able to schedule time for her to work on each of them so she wouldn't be too behind in one area, while incredibly ahead in another.
Once again I listened to other people's opinions and at Chris' urging I found her a private school. She loved Word of Life and she still loves it, however, we can no longer afford it and there is way more drama going on at school than needs to be happening around her. So after prayer and thought, out of that school she comes in a week. She is less than happy - she is a good student and wants to focus on her studies, but she is also torn between studies and the drama of her friends.
Even in a Christian school Sarah is the odd man out. She is not allowed to date - at all. We are still praying that when she turns 18 years old she will listen and wait for God to send her the right man in her life. While the odds of her waiting til she gets married to have her first kiss is slim, we still encourage her to wait.
So those are some of the decisions we are facing. At this point, unless we live somewhere else, Elizabeth will be looking at homeschooling starting in middle school. And I am contemplating not putting Beka in public school either. It isn't anything against the teachers - it's the parents who use school as free daycare for their children and who do not teach their children respect for those older than them, children lacking in manners, who live a life so filled with upheaval they bring it to school and lash out at other children.
I know I can't protect my children forever, however, I can protect them now and I can teach them to grow in God and to love Him and of His love for us. There are some who would argue it is sending their children to public school to share the Word with others. Good for you, I just don't happen to share your choice. So win or lose, we have several big decisions to deal with soon.
I hope you all have a good week and that God blesses you richly.
In Christ,

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