Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Do You Value?

What do you value?
I have been reading a lot about young actors/actresses who are getting botox, or doing things to look good for a tv show or movie. Any day of the week you can pick up a magazine or go online and read about what an actor did to get prepared for a role in a movie. . . some of it pays off and sometimes you have to wonder if they would do it again. And you guessed it . . . this got me thinking. Shocking I know, but still true nonetheless.
What do you put value on? What do I put value on? What is important in life? What is truly important to the world? And how does that affect me and what I treasure?
We know that in Matthew 6: 19-21 Jesus tells his disciples and us that we should not store our treasures on earth, but in Heaven. We know he also tells us the thieves and moths and rust can take earthly treasures away from us, however, when we choose to put our focus on God and look to him for what is truly important, then that is what matters the most.
I took a Developmental Psychology class in college where we discussed the stages of life and how as people get older and look back on their lives they either have great regret and remorse or they are relatively happy with their choices.
Do you have to have that new car? Or do you place value on having things? Do you long to have the things your neighbors or wish you looked as beautiful as some starlet? These are not things of importance to God. God sees you and He loves you for who you are. He knows that you are flawed and yet He loves us still. I like how in the book "The Shack" when Mac is working with Sarayu, who is the Holy Spirit, they are in a garden working and talking. To Mac it seems to be a mess and disorganized, he even calls it a beautiful mess and this thrills Papa and Sarayu. . . because as we go on we realize the garden they are working in, is Mac's heart and soul. A beautiful example of how God can take tragedy and heartbreak and our own imperfection and turn them into something magnificent and amazingly beautiful. This is not an outward beauty, it is a beauty in our souls and even when we are a mess and in desperate need of grace, God sees beyond all of that and sees the finished product who we can become.
So my food for thought this week is this, if we store up our treasures on earth what do we have to gain? Can you take a car with you when you die? Do you want people to remember you as someone who needed to have the latest and best of everything? Or do you want people to remember your inward beauty - a love that showed God more often than not.
I am in no way saying I am perfect, in fact, I am far from it. I struggle with wanting and needing something. I too struggle to see in me what God could possibly want and sometimes I am short tempered and gruff with my children and husband. I too have my moments where I would love to have more money or think it would be nice to have the new I-pod or new gadget. But I have also learned this through growing up poor and without. . .good things come to those who wait and when we let God control the desires of our hearts we find peace and contentment in the simple things.
Some of my favorite memories are of those little things. To some a small surprise party with homemade cupcakes and gifts may seem a waste, but to me I saw that I was blessed to have friends who loved me enough to go to so much trouble - especially since I knew we were all struggling financially. I love that on my birthday the first year we were married, that Chris went out and bought me the huge box of crayons with the sharpener in the back and some coloring books. . . it might seem cheesy that he got me "goop" for Mother's Day that same year, but it meant that he listened and heard what I was saying to him. He heard the longing I felt as a child because I thought those crayon boxes were so neat. I kept those gifts for years - eventually I had to throw them out, because I have children and things happen when you have little fingers that are curious. However, even with these tangible items gone, I can still remember how fortunate I was to marry a man who listens to me and my heart and tries to do something special - even when it seems little and trivial to someone else.
I hope you all have a good weekend.
In Christ,

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