Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Being a Mamabear:
Obviously at this point in my blog anyone who has read it knows I am a mom. My kids are often the source of my blogs, because they are humorous and do things that either make me laugh or make me so mad I could quite literally, spit nails.
But what do you do when your kids are learning those life lessons that bring out your Mamabear instinct? Anyone who has a child knows what I am talking about - the part of you that wants desperately to charge in and save the day when your kiddo is smarting. Whether this comes from learning how to deal with friends, who maybe aren't such good friends; to dealing with children who aren't very nice to them.
This past week fighting the urge to step in has been a very large struggle for me. One of my girls is having "friend" issues at school and I find myself torn between stepping in and letting my sweetgirl learn how to navigate this problem on her own. After all, as a mom my first instinct is to step in and tell her friends to grow up and stop being twinkies already. Then the calm, analytical part of me says, "But they are hurting my daughter, a child I would give my hearts blood for in a minute." And I realized that God must have struggled with this too so many times when Jesus was here on Earth. But probably no time caused him greater anguish than when Jesus was on the cross calling out, "Why have you forsaken me." Or in the garden when he asked that his Father to "take this cup from me" all the while saying, "But only if it is in your will." How much God must have yearned to come down and smight not only Jesus' tormentors but those who asked for his son's death - a death that would in all rights free them from the bonds of sin. In seeing this struggle from a fresh perspective, it gives me the strength to stand back and let my daughter learn to navigate this tricky time.
It is in these moments that I find that while I would dearly love to tell some children off or to step in roaring like a lioness protecting her cubs that I must demonstrate a greater love. The love that say, "I love you enough to stand beside you and pray for you as you walk this path but I will not interceded or come into the problem. I will nuture you enough that you know what you need to do to take care of the issue, but I won't give you the answers, just a gentle nudge in the right direction." Let me tell you that is a tough phrase to say . . . "God I am leaving my daughter in Your capable hands, because I know you will carry her through this and your ways are truly higher ways than mine."
So as we start a short week thanks to the holidays, I share with you the heart of a Mamabear and give you encouragement to not intervine - even when the urge is so strong you almost have to tie yourself to a chair. I encourage you instead to lift your child into prayer and let God become the leader of their lives and hope and pray that your guidance and God's wisdom will prevail. Because even Mamabears know when to step back and let their cubs learn from their mistakes.
Love in Christ,

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