Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taking the High Road?

Lately there are been a lot of people who like to try to hurt people I love. No not my sister, that's a different story and not one I'll share. Others who like to hurt my friends and the people I care about or children. When I say they like to hurt them, I do not mean figuratively, I mean literally, they enjoy hurting other people. And when these people see others hurting they take great delight in it. For this alone, I know I need to emphasize that I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT MY SISTER! She would never purposely delight in others pain, her actions tend to be out of anger or she thinks she is protecting someone.

While discussing this all with Mom today she asked me to be the bigger person and take the higher ground. She asked me to do this because I am struggling right now with the desire to get in a few zingers and do things on purpose to get under these people's skins. So my response, was this, " Why do I always have to be the bigger person or take the moral high ground."

I think that people think that when I let things go it's because I am too nice. But the truth is, I don't always want to let it go, sometimes I want to stew in my anger and pay a person back for their actions. Whether these actions hurt me or others I love. Sometimes I get tired of being the better person and making the right choices. And fortunately, I know thanks to the Scripture that I am not alone in feeling this way. I'm not alone in watching people make poor choices and have very few consequences for them (a good example: some celebrities) and wondering when is God going to take care of this. I know this because King David struggled with it too.

In the Psalms, there are times when David laments to God that it seems that villaneous people are getting away with harming people, himself included. Sometimes even David got tired of seeing it all and being the good person. Even Job grew tired of the trials and tribulations. And I must confess it encourages me a little to hang in there, because even men who we would classify as "good and godly" men struggled with the wondering why do bad things happen to good people. Why do some people delight in the pain of others? And I don't have an answer for that question. I just don't, I know the pat answers that people give, but I do not understand how a mother can delight in the anguish of her child's broken heart or some trial that has befallen them. I don't understand people who would harm a child and get off free (at least it appears that way). The truth is there are people out in the world who sadly choose to not believe in God or who even choose to let themselves be Satan's pawn. Do I know why they choose this? No, I know that it's not always cut and dried.

Let us be honest with ourselves, we all know someone who after seeing hypocrisy in the church has left the church and refuses to return because they can't understand how God can be loving when His body is so flawed. This is my answer to that one at least: Do not trust in people. People are flawed and they fail us unintentionally or not, people are only people and they make mistakes. People will make choices that hurt us and leave us dazed and confused. But God, God will never fail you.

Some people ask me how I know He is real. . . this is how I know. God, put food on the table of my widowed mother and paid our utilities. Sometimes in unexpected ways and sometimes by asking for help, but He always took care of them. God always clothed us, whether it was unexpected money that came our way or through hand-me-downs from others. God sustained Mom after Dad died and left her with a five year old, a two year old and baby on the way. He provided the people to encourage my mother. Those were from God, He laid it on the hearts of people we didn't know who would help us in a pinch. Those are the people to look at, those who listen to His voice. Because hypocrits aren't just in the church, they are in the world and all around us. If we look for hypocrisy we will find it. Are there going to be people in the church who fail us? Absolutely. Why? Because they are human, and they are running the race just like the rest of us.

I read a story once The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde for an English class. If you haven't read it, here is the a small summary. A rich, vain young man has a portrait painted and vainly wishes he would never age. His wish is granted, Dorian never ages, however, with each terrible sin he commits (murder, seduction, to name a few) his portrait changes until it shows who he truly is on the inside. I think even those who hurt others carry the scars of what they've done with them. I think each time they wound a person, child, or even an animal, they inwardly wound themselves. Because it lives with you and at some point in time, they will face God. In an ideal world, they would face God, but not before repenting of their evil sins and desires, but we do not live in an ideal world. Do I think that what they do is okay? NEVER!!! Harming a person, to purposel cause them pain and to enjoy it generally only shows a diseased mind and heart. A heart and soul so poisoned that they must make others feel low in order to feel better about themselves.

Am I still tempted to tell people off who are mean and hurtful? Yes, I am, however, I will resist. Will I always enjoy doing the right thing? No, but Jesus didn't promise that doing the right thing would always be the easy thing to do, did he?

Have a good week and God Bless.

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