Saturday, May 22, 2010

School's out

The Last Day of School
Sarah finished her first full semester at Word of Life school on Thursday. And I am sure the word thrilled does not possibly explain how happy she feels that school is out for the summer.
This has been an interesting school year to say the least. We live in a less than ideal neighborhood. The neighboring high school has one of the highest gang activity rates as well as teen pregnancy rates in the city. So Sarah attending that public high school was not an option. So first tried, IQ Academy an online high school. Let's leave it at, the school was not very good nor the teachers. So we ended up with a very intelligent girl flunking out of the online high school. I then turned towards, Switched on Schoolhouse. This proved a much better choice. Sarah got A's and B's and seemed to excel, but she felt very isolated staying at home w/no other classmates to interact with. So after discussing it with Chris, I searched out a private school that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg. After a lot of searching, I stumbled upon Word of Life and it has proven itself to be an excellent choice for Sarah. She excels, has friends, and is blossoming - even if she is currently suffering from the typical teenage syndrome of "I know everything even if I am only 15 yrs old and you are 36 yrs old."
So now summer sits ahead of us, and while apart of me is interested in seeing what will happen this summer, there is another part of me that does not look forward to dealing with Sarah and her teenageness. So we shall wait and see.

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