Monday, May 31, 2010

Putting Mommy First This Time

Bra Shopping
As I've shared before, my husband is in the middle of job hunting after being laid off from Cessna, while he was deployed(Yes it is legal, I looked into it big time and asked many questions before taking it lying down). With this knowledge, comes the knowledge that we will of course, need to cut back.
Since I know I am going back to college to finish up those last few pesky classes that I need in order to finish up my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, I figured, I would hold out until we had a little more cash before worrying about certain articles of apparel. Namely undergarments. Now if you are a man, you will most likely stop reading from this point on, if you don't, I warn you to tread forward with careful thought and remember I am not writing this for your reading pleasure.
As a woman, we all know that at least once a year or each 18 months we will all have to do that lovely task of bra shopping. It got me thinking about it as I realized that I was probably going to need to do this soon. My bras are still quite comfortable, because they are those great Hanes Comfort bras, but alas I hadn't realized that I was in such sad shape until tonight.
Tonight I went out with Chris for dinner and some much needed Mommy-Daddy date time. It was nice, I introduced him to Il Vicino's pizza. Then we headed to the mall. Now, at first, when I got ready, I thought maybe I was just being self conscious that my bras were in need of replacing. I foolishly told myself, I could hold out, after all, as a mom and wife, I tend to be sure the girls and Chris are taken care of first, then if we can afford it, I take care of my needs. Those of you who are mom's are most likely shaking your heads and nodding, because you know you do it too. But as we walked around Towne East mall tonight I passed the mirror and realized, I needed new bras and I needed them probably a few months ago.
Passing that mirror in the mall, I did not see a woman with two breasts. Instead, I saw a woman who had what could maybe pass as two sadly deflating water balloons on her chest. Thus is the joyful remnant of having nursed two children. While I wouldn't change that I do slightly miss my former perky breasts. You know the ones we all had in our twenties, unless some genetic anomaly rendered them in a less than perky state from the onset of puberty (It has been known to happen). Seeing these poor sadly shaped things attached to me I told Chris with no room for question,
"We have to go bra shopping. Let's find Sears." To his credit my handsome wonderful husband respond.
"Okay, honey, let's go."
I have a good man. He joyfully went with me to Lane Bryant where he the proceeded to help me find the right size, shape and color and cup size for my now drooping breasts so that I could at least pretend they are still perky for a while (At least, until I have to shop for new bras again). Now I love my husband, and I love his sense of humor, so I had to chuckle, when he followed me into the dressing room and noted.
"If I could see myself doing this when I was 15 yrs old, I'd be very happy. I used to dream about being able to be this close to a girls breasts."
Ah the nostalgia of youth. I had to laugh a bit, because we tried on several types of bras. I like the t-shirt bras, but I'd like them better after I loose some more weight. It has a nice dip down so you don't have to worry about showing your bra off too often, but I am not sure I like the way the cups made me feel like I was falling out of the top of them. I finally settled on the new bra line that smooths the back and rolls. While I don't have that many back rolls, I do still have some excess skin after my weight loss surgery. So after trying on multiple bras and having to leave Chris in the dressing room because he was too intimidated to ask a question for me about bras (Why is it he can face bullets and five star generals, but you ask him to ask a question about a different type of bra and he gets all unsettled? Am I the only one who sees the irony in that?), I decided on the back smoothing bra and found two of them in my size. So for now, I am in better shape, brawise, I mean. Now on to walking at the zoo each morning now that I have finally conquered the cold I fought off for two weeks and time to get back to my former semi-svelte figure.
Hey it sounds good in theory right? Right? Oh and if you were wondering the picture of a laughing Beka, is her chuckling that she helped Mommy's breast become the previously mentioned partially deflated water balloons.

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