Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The joys of teenagedom

Sarah, the Stupdendous:
Recently I realized, I don't blog much about my teenage daughter, Sarah. There are several reasons behind this. The first, and probably the most important is, that Sarah is at the age where she prefers that I not discuss her often. No matter how funny the things she says are to me. Second, She tends to lean more towards, the I'm going to make you insane with my teenageness (yes, I'm sure it isn't really a word, but it is out there now nonetheless).
Sarah has had an interesting year. She started homeschool, but we've now found her a very good private school, where she seems to have found her niche. She is constantly striving to find new and costly ways to explore who she is as a person. Her latest endeavor is soccer at this juncture in time. And while this may seem minute and not great thing to celebrate to someone else, it is good to us even if it does cause our pocket books to stretch a bit. It is a step away from middle school and old friends, towards new adventures and new friends who are maybe a bit beter choice for the direction she has told us she would wish to move her life.
She is learning so many new things, for example: "You are known by the company you keep." I cannot take credit for this tidbit of wisdom. I got it from a good friend of mine who learned it from her dad. She is learning that the people who were friends in middle school are maybe not who she wishes to associate with now that she is coming to the senior portion of her childhood. I know that Chris and I are very proud of her for choosing her friends wisely. We also know she is facing tough decisions ahead of her, like how to sever ties with old friends (which as yet to come, but we see on the not to distant horizon laying in wait for her). Where does she wish to go to college? What is she searching for in a boyfriend? What is it she really wants to do with her life after high school?
In all honesty, after her early years, I will happily help her tackle these questions. In comparison to her former morbid questions in her favorite game "What if". While we didn't mind, "what if I were . . . an elephant." We did take it as a sign to worry when she began asking, "what if I die?" It has been wonderful to watch the little girl who used to always cry at the drop of a hat turn into the amazing young woman who will stand up for the kid at school who is being teased or tormented. Watching her go from the little girl with an invisible bullseye on her back that invited bullies to torment her, to the young woman who will stand up for herself and walks straight and tall.
While I wish I could have experienced more of her childhood (that's another story for another time), I will gladly take these last 5 years with her and enjoy them. Now the question? How do we let her go as she grows up and becomes an adult?

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