Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!
This is my handsome husband with me at our wedding vowal renewal in August 2008. It was great, and I love that he willing let me go insane for a short while so we could renew our wedding vows.
When I married Chris in January of 2001 it was a great thing. Even though some people don't like keeping things low key when they get married, at the time, I wanted it small and now hassle. There are many reasons for this, the primary being a girl shouldn't require bouncers at her wedding in case her father-in-law acts like a loon and tries to deck his ex-wife who also happens to be a wonderful woman and your mother-in-law. Okay, okay and I was pregnant with Lizzie and we were speeding up the wait time. And yet, there is something nice about saying your vows with just the two of you, two friends as witnesses (thanks Joe and Helen Lane) and a judge with God present. It was nice, no fuss, no muss and no complications. . . can you really say that when the groom has to drive to Perry, OK to retrieve his bride who ran into car trouble. Oddly enough, the truck I was driving only had water pump issues - my Pontiac Le Mans on the other hand died a few days after we married and we scrapped it for good. I remember calling him and explaining that I thought I may or may not have broken his truck. I am happy to report, I did not break it, the water pump was already going out. He checked on it after checking on me at the Sooner Corner Cafe outside Perry, OK.
Strangely enough though, when I got married on January 19, 2001 it seemed surreal and like it wasn't really being married. But after we had a family ceremony in Aunt Nina and Uncle Ed's house with Chris' dad Bill, my cousins and family around us, oh and we can't forget the Schwarz family who has known us for what seems like forever. That moment was when it felt like I was really married.
Nine years later this week I can honestly say, I would marry my husband all over again. I remember being so discouraged as I watched so many people meet and date and I was 25 yrs old and still single with no prospects in sight. I wrote to my best friend, wondering when was it my turn. I received a sweet and amazing e-mail from Jaymi in response. In a nutshell it was a letter of encouragement that yes, God did in fact have a man for me and he would stand beside me, love me for me, and would support me and be what I wanted and more. I can honestly say, this is true. But even better is watching him as he grows and changes into an amazing man of God.
Chris was a Christian when we met and he loved God, but as he hands his life over to Christ each day, I have had a great privelege of watching him grow and slowly die to self and become the amazing man I knew he would become and that God showed me when I prayed about whether Chris was the right man for me. He is in fact, everything I'd ever hoped for and more and I love that we are on this journey together, it's been an amazing one and even with the ups and downs (and there have been downs), I would absolutely marry him all over again. He is great with Lizzie and Beka and Sarah. He has a great way of talking to Sarah so that it seems to connect in her head better. He has really grown as we have faced the challenges with Elizabeth's special needs. He is just an amazing man. Yes, he has his moments, but guess what so do I. I think he deserves a lot of jewels in his crown for living with me - I am stubborn, opinionated, and usually no nonsense (Iknow, surely I jest right?) and yet he loves me through it all. When other men only saw a fat woman, he saw me as beautiful and he never once told me I was too fat or ugly. He always encouraged me to be healthy, and when I chose to have gastric bypass, he stayed with me in the hospital for several days til I sent him home so the girls could sleep in their own bed.
I love you, Chris and I am so proud of you. I can't wait til you come home soon so we can continue growing old together.
Love Always,