Friday, November 13, 2009

Sorry for the Delays

I am sorry for the delays in posting a new blog. If you are on my Facebook and a friend of mine, then you know why. For those of you who aren't and don't know what is going on - in a nutshell, my husband's soon to be former company (he was one of the almost 9,000 who got layoff notices in April from Cessna/Textron - and yes it's legal because his entire area is either being laid off or put somewhere new) overpaid us a nice sum of money. The problem - it was a mistake. So now we are in the process of attempting to work out all of the details and fine print to pay them the cash back since we spent some of it. We paid off our minivan, paid up our car insurance until February, and other bills that needed our attention. The good news is that we are now in a good place bill wise. The bad news, it was a mistake so now I have to come up with this amount of money so I can pay them back the overpayment.

That was my week in a nutshell. I spent Monday and Tuesday working on damage control because we thought we were -$6,000 in our banking account. So I was working with our bank to make sure it wouldn't ruin our credit. Then on Wednesday I discovered that the money had been returned to us again because you can't reclaim what isn't there. So now I am working with the company to fix this lovely snaffuu that they created and honestly, I prefer to deal with them than to deal with the bank. At least, working with Cessna won't ruin our credit.

Now for some very interesting developments - Chris is looking for employment and we are 89 days as of today and counting until he comes home. There are several opportunities that are opening up. I am not at liberty to discuss these options, but I will ask that you please keep us all in your prayers. Please pray for Chris as he searches for gainful employment, myself that I can be patient as we wait on God's timing, and that God will help Sarah and Elizabeth as they face the possibility that we may have to move. There are some opportunities here, but there are more likely possibilities that we will be able to pursue out of state. We could end up anywhere, but the neatest part is watching as God is opening doors for several job opportunities with people who can help Chris get hired on in these areas.

I will blog again in a day or two about something preferably of lighter fare. After all, it can't all be doom and gloom right?! Right. Now help me figure out how to tell Sarah that and make it connect in her brain.

Have a good week and God bless.
In Christ,

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