Friday, October 9, 2009

I Love You More

The I Love You More Game
This is Rebekah. Beka is two and quite a stinker. She is also as cute as can be and she knows it. She gets caught doing something, and that cheeky grin of hers comes out in full force and at times, it's all I can do to stop from laughing.
Beka has two older sisters who have taught her many great things, like put your shoes on when Mommy asks you, how to climb into her chair. That her butt does indeed bounce down the stairs if dropped. Although I don't think she appreciated the jolt it gave her or the chiropractic visits required to decompress her two yr old spine that accompanied it. They have taught her how to be cheeky and cute to get out of trouble. They've taught her that peas do not in fact belong in your nose, because it requires things that even mommies don't like to do to get it out.
But my favorite thing they have taught her hands down - and I say this with no sarcasm at all (honest) is the let me scream, "I LOVE YOU" at the top of my lungs to argue who loves who more. While you may think I am being caustic as I write this, I am in fact delighted with this game. The I Love You More game is a classic in our house.
Chris and I started the "I Love You More" game when we first got married and it's carried on to our children. Sarah always likes to think she has won, when if the truth be told, we just let her think she has won, to get her to stop talking. Lizzie doesn't quite get the full scope of the game yet, so her version consists of insisting over and over again that she loves us more. And she occassionally joins in with Beka at screaming "I LOVE YOU" as loud as she can. Sadly, this phenomenon always seems to happen when she is in the car and makes me almost deaf. I think she and Beka have a bet going to see which of them can make me lose my hearing first. Beka at this point would win hands down - the girl could break glass with her shrieks. I joke that she is practicing to be a first soprano for the NY Met someday. It amazes me how many people don't know what I'm talking about when I say that.
This game is possibly one of the things that has kept our marriage fresh. When we first got married I would tell Chris I loved him more because I was carrying his daughter. He finally retorted back that he loved me more because he danced a jig when I told him I was pregnant.
He won that round. There are other times he wins too, but that's the one that sticks with me the most. Do you have a game you play in your family? If not, find one or make one up and have fun with it. It will be a family joke or tradition and can often give you a lot of memories to enjoy and cherish - even when your kids or spouse are being stinkers.
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