Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An injustice!

I have two friends on Facebook - okay make it three who are single. Now if they are happy then great, but they all three put that they are looking for relationships on their info page. All three are amazing individulas with great personalities and yet they are still single. It makes me wonder, how is this possible?

Have we as a society really gotten so bogged down in physical appearance that those who are amazing individuals on the inside and outside can be overlooked whiles actors who are pleasing to the eye but morally bankrupt, them we put so much stock in?! How is possibly right? How can people who are great individuals with good hearts still remain unmarried when they have so many amazing qualities about them?

I remember being in class during college and some girls were laughing about one of these individuals. And you know what, this man is an amazing man. He takes what God said about taking care of the fatherless children to heart. He loves kids, God, and only wants to serve God and help others. Yet, because he acted goofy and is not what today's society deems physically attractive these girls were mocking him and making fun of him. I remember being so angry and turning to them and telling them off, because while I wasn't attracted to him and didn't see him that way (he is a good friend, but no sparks were present then or now) I found it outrageous that they thought they could tear this man down and disparage him in this way. Sadly, this man who they mock is still single. I'm also equally sure that he is still an amazing man of God who wants nothing more than to serve him. So Scotty Bauer - I will pray that God sends you a woman worthy of your admiration because you are a good man and deserve a woman who loves God as much as you do.

My other two acquaintances, I will pray the same prayer for you, but I'll allow you to remain nameless.

These are not really questions I expect people to answer. They are more rhetorical than something I want people to respond to for the time being.


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