Friday, September 11, 2009

Family Fun

Family Fun at the Zoo

There is no real rhyme or reason to these photos, it just kind of came together the way the blog program put them together. Here are Sheri and Davy Joy Trotter. We all met up at the Sedgwick County Zoo on Labor Day. We tried to meet up w/Mike and Lisa Aragon too, but by the time they made it, it was getting very crowded and I needed to take Beka home for a nap.

Here are Jonas Trotter, Elizabeth, and Saidra Trotter all sitting on the lion statue over near their exhibit. It's very neat actually. The lions had cubs last year.

Here is Lizzie over by the Zebra exhibit. She loves going to see the animals. Can you believe she is eight years old already?

Lizzie and Beka goofing around - I think this is over by the Orangutan and Chimp exhibit.

Elizabeth, Grammy, and Beka enjoying some snuggle and quality reading time together. Lizzie has really gotten into reading - she makes sure we read every night - even if it is very late. LOL.

Elizabeth and Beka together on the Orangutan statue - they really enjoy the monkeys and the gorillas a lot. Especially, Beka since it means I let her loose and allow her to walk like a big girl. My rule, if you don't stay with Mommy, then you go back in the stroller. It took a few times of me putting her in for running too far ahead of me but she learned I meant business. There is hope for this girl.

Beka at the statue - enough said.
We had a good Labor Day weekend. Sarah went with her friend Cheyenne to Kansas City for the entire weekend. Unbeknownst to her, she did not have school on Labor Day as she originally thought, so she was disappointed to discover that she didn't have to be home as soon as originally thought. She had a good time though and was ready to work again for the school.
So far, Sarah seems to like online school. I am searching for homeschool support groups though, so she will have some more social interaction. I am also looking into martial arts lessons for her, depending on how expensive they are, I agree with her therapist that we should put her in these to help her learn discipline and self defense. She is balking as usual, but this one isn't a choice.
Elizabeth is finally getting settled into school. We no longer have a morning battle royale over going to school We are all working with her about learning to not take it so personally when other kids don't want to be her friend of play with her. Sadly, she is learning a tough lesson and I will admit, there is a part of me that wants to punch the little turkey's but the other part of me, knows this is just one of life's lessons for her to learn. So I am working with her on responding with "so" if another child says something that isn't nice to her or "okay" if they say they don't want to play with her or be her friend. She has run into some real stinkpots this year - even her teacher, Mrs. Parker has told me that the kids are getting mean. It's not an always thing, but I long for the days when she was little and all the kids wanted to hang out and play no matter what differences there were, it was a person that they could have a good time and they all looked out for each other.
Rebekah, is a cheeky little bugger. She may just potty train herself before Chris gets home. She tells me she needs to go to the bathroom all the time now and today she showed signs that she knows when she needs to poop. While I should be excited by this, I am also a little aggravated - if she potty trains before Chris gets home, he will have successfully skipped out on potty training any of his kids! It's a little irksome to say the least. In his defense though it isn't like he woke up one day and said, "hey I'm gong to get myself deployed so I don't have to potty train Elizabeth/Beka (insert child's name at random)." So I can't be too upset, but it would be nice if he got to help with at least one and see the aggravation that comes with it, so he'll keep his smart aleck remarks to himself this time.
Well, we are done with the week and I am finishing up laundry and enjoying our new dining room table. We found one at DT's Outlet. They are the same people who sold us our refrigerator and our washer and dryers. We tend to go through more dryers than washers - I wonder why? Questions to ponder.
I hope you all have a good week.
In Christ,

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