Monday, September 21, 2009

Another week begins

I know I've probably put this picture on here before, but it's just so cute.

This Thursday I am heading to Kansas City with Sheri. Her oldest son, Brayden is meeting with the special education teacher for Lawrence Virtual School for testing so he can stay. I am very proud of Sheri - she is sticking to her guns this time and it's beginning to pay off. I am also very proud of Brayden. He is working very hard, despite one of his younger brothers giving him grief.

I would love to tell you that I have some lovely ancedote for this post, but I don't. It's been very boring around here. I get in laps at the mall or zoo and then spend the day playing with Beka and getting her good and tired for nap time and then bed time.

Lizzie is doing well. She is finally settling in to a school routine, this is great because she was struggling. Oh and Mrs. Silveous asked to use us for a class project. She is working on completing her Master's degree in Special Education - she is a great teacher and we are so lucky to have her as Lizzie's teacher. She is a very lovely wonderful woman who is older, and extremely understanding and always willing to fight for Elizabeth. Just keep Lizzie in your prayers, because she is getting to the age where children become cruel and so she's learning how to face adversity and the cruelty of others - we are all working with her on it. Her speech therapist, Mrs. Silveous, Mrs. Parker and myself. We are teaching her to brush it off and not let them see her get upset. Keep your fingers crossed that it works.

So lately it's been a struggle. I am tired. I am tired of cleaning up messes that never seem to stay clean (emotionally and at home physically). I am tired of feeling like I work hard and it's in vain. I am tired of fighting this fight for Lizzie - even though she's learning to fight it herself, I still am in there fighting for her. But mainly, I am tired period. I hit 35 this year and it occurred to me that I thought I'd be a recording artist at this point in my life and I'd be doing other things. Of course, at 15 I didn't want to have children either - that didn't change until 10 yrs later. I didn't see myself married and a mom. This isn't to say that I am sorry I am married or a mom, it's just learning to let go of the dreams I had for myself and create new ones. One of them is raise the girls to be women of faith and who love God and serve Him. And yet it often feels like I am failing so miserably. Don't listen to me, I'm kind of in a funk and need a good bout of miles walked at the mall or Sedgwick County Park. I hope you all have good week.

In Christ,

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