Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have come to a realization. An epiphany if you will . . . we should not have pets in our house.

I have come to this conclusion after three dogs, a cat, and a fish have left our house some form or another. The dogs and the cat thankfully all left alive. The poor sad fish not so much - it was flushed into a watery grave. So if it was playing opossum it did a good job, because we flushed it.

Our first dog, Cinnamon, we rescued from a house filled with too many animals to even think straight. She was a cute, small, reddish brown dachsmund. We went to the home expecting to pick up another dog, but Cinnamon persisted in gaining our attention, so we took her instead. In hindsight, this should have been a clue as to how stubborn this one little adorable dog could become. She was cute, I was pregnant, newly married and lonely - and she was Chris' idea to help me with my loneliness. It worked until we had Elizabeth, who Cinnamon became jealous of and hence, she proceeded to let us know she was unhappy about our new arrival by pooping and pottying in Elizabeth and Sarah's room every chance she got. Of course, she had to go - especially after me catching her and she looked me defiantly in the eye as she did it. How I managed to control my anger enough to not punt her down the stairs is amazing to me still to this day.

Then came Hank, a HUMONGOUS Labrador Retreiver dog. He was a horse, not a dog and after one month he began to bully Elizabeth and actually nipped her on the face. Bye, bye Hank, we loved you well for one month.

Then we were adopted by a cat who we named Jo - as in Dorothy Josephine - she was a neighborhood cat. We actually would still have her, IF Rebekah, Elizabeth and myself had not had allergies to cats. She lasted two years - and Sarah was very sad to see her go and so were we in reality - she was a good cat. Darned allergies.

Now, I come to our fish. Poor little guy. I drove to PetSmart because Lizzie really, really wanted a fish. I asked about the most resilient fish they had that could withstand a little girl who had autism and was only 5 yrs old at the time. As I left the store with this fish, I suddenly realized that I had condemned this poor defenseless creature to a fate worse than death. . . Elizabeth. I decided then and there that I would not replace him if he died (at least I assume it was a he). The poor guy - didn't even last 24 hours - he only made it all of 20 hours. Now in Elizabeth's defense, she had help killing her fish. Chris insisted that he just put the fish in brand new water w/o allowing it to acclimate, so I know that the guppy was already under a lot of stress. So imagine it's terror and immediate demise when Elizabeth stuck her wand into the tank and swirled it around and around. LOL! That poor fish - death was a mercy indeed.

Last but surely not least, we come to Sofie. Sofie we rescued from our neighbors around the corner. I didn't realize I was rescuing her when I got her - I thought they needed to find her a home, I wanted a dog, how hard could it be - famous last words. I wanted a dog to keep me company whilst Chris was deployed and to aid my goal of lowering my blood pressure. I had read an article that said animals were beneficial to people who struggled with high blood pressure. This dog, did not lower it. . .if anything, she raised it.
We got her on a Friday and on a Tuesday she was hit by a car. So welcome to the family, poor Sofie. After she finished convalescing she went to the groomers. She had fleas! And they had to shave her down very close to the skin because no matter how much I worked on it, she had mange - thanks to previous owners. Then after 7 months I realized she was acting very sluggish and prepared to get her fixed and it turned out she had heartworms and had had them for quite some time. And a week later, I discovered that she also had hookworms. What started out as a free dog ended up costing us over $1200 to get her well again. This figure is not including the vet bill after she was hit by the car by the way. That is what we spent to get her well from fleas, heartworms, grooming to fix her mange, and to cure her of hookworms. After all of this, the darned animal looked me square in the eye and proceeded to poop in front of my door. I spent almost a year attempting to break her of pooping and going potty in the house and in the end I decided she had to go. I found her a new home across the street from us, so that she could be near us and close to the neighbors because I promised I'd let them know. I would have if the mom wasn't being such a witch too.

So while I love animals and think they are adorable, I have come to realize - I AM NOT EVER GOING TO BE A PET PERSON! I don't say this lightly either, this is after three dogs, a cat, and a poor doomed fish. They should have our pictures up in pet stores saying, DON'T LET THESE PEOPLE HAVE PETS. THEY ARE A DANGER TO ANIMALS EVERYWHERE. But they don't and Chris and I have talked about it, and we realize that pets just don't belong in our home.

I hope you all have a good week.
Love in Christ,

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