Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I KNOW I KNOW, I am sooooo late in doing this

This is Sheri. Sheri is EVIL! Sheri wants to take me rollerblading, wrapped in bubblewrap and videotape the carnage that ensues. Just kidding - yes she jokes, but it's all in jest. At least, I am pretty sure it's only in jest. Hmmmm. . .

Okay so Sheri and I are currently training to do the Walk for Diabetes in October. We were going to do the Walk for Autism as well, but they both happen to fall on October 5th this year. So we chose to not travel to Kansas City this time, maybe next year.

The point of me telling you all this, is well exactly this, we started walking at Sedgwick County Park and it's gorgeous. We've been taking different trails and learning seeing a lot of neat things. We want to check out the Arboretum, but we haven't had our hats with us lately, and I don't know about any of you, but I don't find the idea of ticks enjoyable at all, no matter how beautiful and splendid we find the Arboretum. So today we took a different path and while walking along there, I discovered how amazing it was there. It makes me itch for Fall to start already. I love Fall, it's one of my favorite seasons. I like three out of four seasons so that can't be all bad, but Fall is my favorite. I love the changing of the leaves and I love all the amazing colors that come with those changes. I love how even though it signifies the beginning of what is essentially death for the plants for a the winter months that with the end of the cycle is amazing beauty. Hmmm . . . I think I see an analogy coming on, because while society would tell us that as we age we become old and not needed or no longer beautiful, God's plan is that we improve with age and our wisdom. We gain insights and see the world and it's beauty (okay some of us see it's beauty) and hopefully, we will pass this on to our younger generations instead of hoarding it all to ourselves. So that is my deep thought for the day.

We are doing much better here. We are gearing up for school to begin next week and are working to find our routine. I will go to North High tomorrow and inform them that I am placing Sarah in a combination of homeschooling curriculum from Bob Jones University and she will also be doing IQ Academy online. I think surely betwixt the two she should receive a rounded education, right? I also have the books so she may use them as resources to use for papers as well as a way to have a rounded perspective.

Lizzie is doing well, her vision is the same, and we will keep patching. I need to get her in for her yearly well check etc . . . and she has one cavity according to the dentist, so we go back to get her cavity taken care of in September.

Beka is good, although I will be writing another blog shortly about last week that will amuse and entertain you all although it made me want to swear at the time.

We love you all.

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