Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sarah has returned

Sarah made it home safe and w/o major incident today. Her flight was only mildly delayed, so that was nice. Kate or Kate's parents purchased her a new bag so she could carry everything home. LOL! This is huge bag! I'd had her pack light, and her bag was light when she left because she carried a lot in her arms! Let's just say that bag was anything but light.

She was attempting to tell me this evening though that I could allow Elizabeth fly alone, because she was griping about needing to see Grandma Mary. I know she misses her, and vice versa, but I also pointed out that Lizzie hadn't even had a summer visit at all ever w/o someone else there. So she tried to tell me that at aged 7 yrs old and with special needs, I could put my baby on a plane. Only a teenager or an adult w/o children would think that was even a possibility. Like I wouldn't have an anxiety attack before she even got on the plane, much less on a plane by herself. LOL! Maybe I am just a worry wart.

Oh and Beka enjoys now saying, "How about . . . how about popcorn?"

But this conversation made me laugh the hardest today. I had explained to Sarah that if she did a good job on chores, watched her mouth, tone and all around sorry attitude that she could earn her room back. So in the car on the way home she pipes up an asks me, "If I wore a pink shirt would that help me get my room back faster?" I started laughing! Of course, I explained that no, it wouldn't, so she asked if did would I consider it. So I teased her "Only if you wore them everyday for 6 months." Her head would explode before that 6 months was over! LOL! But you have to give the girl props for asking, it was a valid to question it. She explained that she thought I preferred her to wear pink and dresses. Dresses more often, yes, especially to church, but it isn't a deal breaker for me. In truth, I don't care if she hates pink or loves it, it's her attitude about it and towards people who purchase it that I have an issue with.

Well I need to head to bed. Have a good week everyone.

Love in Christ,

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